What's up at Deanery?

November Deanery Meeting

At the last deanery meeting on Monday 24th November we were introduced to the next phase of engaging with the diocesan strategic priorities the 4SPs .
The next stage is to ask each parish to produce their plan of how they will engage with the 4SPs and particularly how they will play their part with these 4SPs.This is called a Parish Mission Action Plan,
The heart of this process is triple listening. The heart of this process is listening to God, listening to the community and listening to the Church community.
As we go through the process of Triple listening we need to ask, what is our vocation at this time and in this place? What is already fruitful and growing? What part is God calling us to play in the future?
Once we have triple Listened each parish will be asked to produce a plan. By triple listening to God, wider community and church community to see what is growing, and the opportunities there are for further Kingdom work.
The PCC will arrange a Triple Listening Event to see what God might be calling to do.
Then the plans you have made will need to be shaped and worked on. 
each parish is encouraged to prepare for this process by praying together during Advent. Resources are available please contact your Warden or Deanery Synod member.