Church Notices

Statistics for Christmas in the Abbey Church

The Christmas period was a busy one at the Abbey Church.  Here are the main five events.

The Beaulieu Village Primary School Christmas Play  Two days of practising in the Church preceded the Dress Rehearsal and the Performance on Wednesday, December 18.  Despite truly awful weather, and remote parking in the Beaulieu Estate Arena, over 300 parents, relatives and children packed into the Church.

The Service of Lessons and Carols  This traditional service took place on Sunday evening, December 22.  Again the weather was dreadful, but parking was on the hard standing around the Church Meadow, and an estimate of 117 folk attended a memorable, candleleit service.

The Nativity / Crib / Christingle service  Fast forward to Christmas Eve.  In the Nativity / Crib service, 100 children were joined by another 165 parents and relatives in a performance and service.

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass  Later that evening, the traditional Midnight Mass attracted a congregation of 150.  Happily, the weather had improved, and parking on Chuch Meadow itself was possible, due mainly to the new drainage system recently installed by the Beaulieu Estate.

Christmas Day Celebration  Finally, on Christmas morning, a shortened Holy Communion service, with Carols, attracted another 226 souls away from the traditional sherry and mince pies.  A word of abject apology!  In the Monthly Magazine, unaccountably, the start time of this Service was given as 10.30 am.  Clearly nonsense, the service started at 10.00 am, but some folk did come late.  Many apologies to those who were misinformed, and whom the corrections did not reach.

Although no doubt some folk came more than once, that is still well over 1,000 attendances within the 10 days leading to Christmas Day.  A joyous time for us all.





A new Crib for Christmas 2019

2019 Christmas in the Abbey Church saw the unveiling of a splendid Nativity scene, located under the High Altar of the Abbey Church in Beaulieu. Mainly the work of Derek Hewitt and Mike Dawkins, the scene brought reality to the birth of Jesus Christ, and was much appreciated by families and children. 

There are two photographs in the Gallery in the website, showing the Crib installed.  Both can be viewed by (click here) 

The first shows the extent of the Nativity Scene.   Subtle back lighting was achieved by the use of LED strings, and the right hand rear panel depicts an Eastern village scene

The second shows staff 'putting the Final Touches'.  Verger Derek Hewitt places candles under the Altar (electronic ones for fear of infringing Health and Safety regulations rearding fire).  Sacristan Tony Norris tends to the requriements of the imminent Holy Communion service.

The Crib certainly appeared to be an excellent addition to the meaningful nature of the decoration of the Abbey Church

The Crossings

At its recent meeting in early November, the Beaulieu Abbey Church PCC heard an explanation by John Hughes of the activities of The Crossings; an initiative aimed at assisting any in our area who are combating homelessness.  The PCC unanimously agreed to devote its Crib Service (Christmas Eve) collection to The Crossings. 

Staff at The Crossings have recently launched a website, whose url is  Due to some privacy issues, I have not been able to provide a clickable link for the moment.  However, if you copy this url and then paste it into your browser, this will (believe me!!)  take you to their website where full information is provided both on what The Crossings is striving to achieve, and what we as individuals can do the support it.

As Christmas approaches, and as this cold and wet weather continues, the plight of the homeless becomes even more serious.  We do actively encourage your support.

Shift in Venue for Wednesday Morning Holy Communion service

The Holy Communion service at 10.30 am on Wednesday, December 18 will be held NOT in the Abbey Church, but in the Bucklers Hard Chapel.  This move is caused by the use of the Abbey Church by the Beaulieu Primary School, as they have their Dress Rehearsal in the morning, and the final performance in the evening.

If any one reading notice this would like transport to this service, please ring Peter Melhuish on 02381788034.

An Important Mistake in the Monthy Magazine

Christmas Services

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, we goofed!

There is an important error in the timetable of Christmas Services listed in the Monthly Magazine issue for December and January 2019 / 20..

The omission suggests that there would be no service at Bucklers Hard on Christmas Day at 8.00 am.  Of course, there will be the usual Holy Communion, a said version from the Book of Common Prayer!!   All are welcome to this service; a traditional way for many of us to start Christmas Day.