Funeral/Memorial Fees 2020 for the Beaulieu Benefice

The fees are amended very slightly in January every year, by the Church of England.

Fixed Costs

1. Funeral/Memorial Service in Church                          (*Diocese fee £108 + *PCC £91) £199
2. Service at graveside (any church) including burial     (*Diocese fee £42 + *PCC £306) £348
3. Service at crematoruim                                               (*Diocese fee £199) £199
4. Burial at a cemetery or cremation on same day         (*Diocese fee £29) £29
5. Burial of Ashes/cremated remains disposal               (*Diocese fee £42 + *PCC £124) £166
6. Sexton (Burial of Ashes only) £60

 Optional Costs

At each church add the following charges as applicable:

 7. Verger £45
 8. Heat and Light  (Averaged throughout year) £70
 9. Organist (retained)     NB. other organists will submit separate fee £110
10. Choir £250


For monuments in churchyards, searches in church registers see Church of England website.

Fees are ammended each January by the Church of England. For more details, visit their website:

* denotes Diocesan Board of Finance Fees and Parochial Church Council Fees