Beaulieu Abbey Church Social Committee

Meeting 14th October 2015

Committee Meeting held at D's on Wednesday, 14th October at 2.00pm
1.  Those Present:  Jan, Gloria, Annie, Di, Margaret and Gillian
2.  Apologies :  Helen, Christine, Lindy and Frederick
3.  Minutes of the previous Meeting:  Approved
4.  Matters Arising:
     a)  Licensing of Father John:  The evening was a great success albeit down came the     
           rain when we should have been going into the Cloisters for canapés and drinks. 
           Everyone remained in the Abbey where the canapés and drinks were well 
           Jan has a bill of £80 to be paid for the lighting.
      b)  Harvest Supper:  Despite the handicap, which the staff overcame magnificently,                                        
            a splendid evening was had by all.  Mark Ponsford stepped into the breach with
            his usual aplomb and was, as always, most enjoyable.
            Jan received an email from Lord Montagu thanking everyone and hopes this 
             popular Beaulieu Village Event will continue in the years to come and also the 
             use of the Domus.
             Lady Montagu also emailed Jan on a splendid evening and how much her
             visitors from Belguim enjoyed it.
             Frederick and Sally on behalf of the Wardens sent their grateful thanks for all 
             the hard  work put in by the Committee.
             It was agreed to do the same Meal next year. Water was an issue - should it 
             have been free and on the table!!!! this will be discussed again next year.
5.  Finance:  Ticket Sales  £1592.15                      Entertainment      £100.00
                       Bar               271.47                       Staff                    560.00
                       Raffle            277.00                       Food                    578.87
                                          2140.62                      Bar                         90.00
                                          1328.87                                                 1328.87
                       Profit.            811.75
6.  Future Events:  Turkey and Tinsel - Tuesday 1st December 1.30pm
                                 Menu:  Sherry on arrival
                                              Traditional Roast Turkey and all the trimmings
                                              Granny's Bread Pudding and Custard
                                              Coffee and Mints
                                 Bring own Wine/Juice etc
                                  Wear something sparkly
                                  Entertainment - Leigh Jerwood
                                  COST £8  (45 persons max)
          Last date for ordering tickets Sunday 22nd November                   
         JAN - to order hire of chairs with red cushions, plates, dishes, cutlery, glasses -
                   wine and sherry, cups and saucers.
         MARGARET - organise ad in magazine, arrange tickets, organise entertainment
         GLORIA - heated trolley
          Monday 30th November Committee to meet in the Church Hall 3.30pm to get
          ready for Turkey and Tinsel, ie veg peeling, cooking etc
          1st December - committee meeting straight after the Turkey and Tinsel
7.  Any Other Business.  -   None
8.  Date and Place of next Meeting: 
     Monday 23rd November 10.30am to be held at Margarets to discus the Turkey and Tinsel Lunch etc.

Chairmans Report - January 2015


  1. We organised a St Patrick's Day lunch on the 17th March, a delicious lamb hotpot and dessert were produced by the Committee and enjoyed by the guests. Green napkins were made to look like Lepricorn boots, which caused lots of hilarity. We then had a wonderful sing-a-long of Irish songs, with Rosa at the piano.
  2. Benefice BBQ Sunday 8th June at the rectory The time was changed because people got cold when we held it in the afternoon and also it was Seamanship Service at Bucklers Hard at 6.30pm. It was, to say the least, a huge rush to be ready for 1.30pm as several of the Committee were at Church until 11am. I think this should be discussed as to the best time for everyone!!!
  3. The committee organised canapés in the Domus for Ryc and Pauline's leaving party on the 29th June.
  4. Harvest Supper on the 13th October was again another huge success, further discussions on the Menu.
  5. Turkey and Tinsel on the 21st November was also a huge success for a max of people, Turkey pie, and chocolate tart was provided, and again some Christmas singing..



Forthcoming events

Bangers and Bingo Lunch -
Church Rooms
Monday 2nd March 2015 - 12.30pm 
Cost £7.50 - Max 50 people.

Benefice Barbecue:
Sunday 14th June 2015

Harvest Supper -
Monday  12th October 2015