Church Notices

Ride and Stride 2020 results

Almost a dozen worthy members of the parish and congregation set out to stride (there were ten of us) and ride (just one) around the Benefice.

The walkers startwd at Beauliue Abbey Church car park, walked to Buckles Hard, and then on to St Pauls, Easr Boldre.  The cyclist (John Hughes) started in Exbury, and managed to visit eight or ten churches before joining the tired walkers for refreshments.  Many thanks to Graham Sterling, ably supported by Sylvia Lovell, for providing liquid refreshment.

It was a delightful morning's exercise.  Latest estimates of amount raised are £785, but there are more monies which have been paid directly into 'Virgin Giving', which will swell the amount.  50% of all monies collected are returned to the host Churches, the rest goes to the Hampshire and the Islands Historic Churches trust.

It is an annual event, so we will meet again in 2021, on the second Saturday of September, which is September 11.  Hope to se you all there!

Peter J Melhuish

Ride and Stride 2000

HIHCT Ride and Stride 2000;    NEXT SATURDAY September 12th

Walkers are asked to be ready to stride, from  the Car Park area of the Abbey Church at 10.30 am.   Dogs on leads welcome!  Please bring a packed lunch and wet weather gear if needed.  We stride to East Boldre via Bucklers Hard.

Cyclists are asked to be ready to cycle from Exbury Churchyard at 11.30 am.

Liquid refreshments will be available in St Paul’s Church Hall, East Boldre from 12.30 pm, courtesy of the Church Warden of St Pauls.

If you cannot ride / stride but still want to contribute to this most deserving charity (HIHCT refers to Hampshire and the Islands Historic Churches Trust) , please either sponsor anyone actively participating or contact me (02381 788034).   HIHCT helped us (the Abbey Church) when we needed it most:  please help us to help  them now.

Do join us if you can


Peter J Melhuish

Thanks to Sydney Jackson


Thanks for a superb oak framed building

At its meeting on August 26, the Beaulieu Abbey Church PCC formally thanked Sydney Jackson and his entire family for the gift of the Oak Framed Garage which has now replaced the dilapidated wooden shed, close to the entrance from Church Meadow to the Rectory. 

The family provided all the funds for the removal of the old, and the erection of the new, and in addition to that, Keith Hutton (Sydney's son-in-law) acted as Project Manager.  It is a truly splendid building.  Among other things, we plan to house many of the Village Fete artefacts, thus continuing the Jackson family tradition of storing them for many years! 

The PCC unanimously thanked Sydney for his outstanding generosity.

St Mary's Chapel, Buckler's Hard

St Mary's Chapel, Buckler's Hard.

In light of the covid-19 pandemic and our desire to minimise the speed of the virus, and the intimate space of the Chapel, the Sunday 8am service is suspended until further notice.

Father John, Rector.

Ride and Stride, 12 September 2020

An Advance Notice

The organisation "Hampshire and Isle of Wight Historic Churches Trust", known by its initials HIHCT, exists to assist local churches in the maintenance of their buildings.  During its major renovation in 2005, Beaulieu Abbey Church received a generous grant from HIHCT and we have often supported their major fund raising activity, the September 'Ride and Stride'  since that time.

This year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event will be of a slightly lower key.  Contributing Churches will be under no pressure to allow visitors into their Church, and indeed, Beaulieu Abbey Church is unlikely to offer access to participants.  However, we can 'ride or stride', and raise money for the Trust.  

I am suggesting that we meet on Saturday morning (12 September) and walk through Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard.  If they wish to do so, walkers may proceed on to St Pauls in East Boldre.  Forms for sponsorship, and for general information are available from the HIHCT website.  Just follow this link!

If any one has any questions at all about this activity, please contact Peter Melhuish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or ring him at 02381 788034.  Nearer the date, I will ask for names of folk eager to 'ride and stride'!