Newsletter 9th March 2014


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Jesus meets the thoughts that arise in the desert not with combative conversation, but with mindful noticing and letting go. Jesus's spiritual practice brought compassion to the temptations that challenged him and a sacred phrase, a mantra, to savour. Each time his thoughts present a distortion that places himself first, Jesus rests in the word of God.


Work in the church is now underway. If you need access for any special reason, please contact Tony Norris 01590 611317 or Sally Brearley.01590 612287 The heating in the hall will be affected but hopefully this will be kept to a minimum. However there may be times when the only heat in the hall will come from the convector heaters.
We ask for your understanding.
Of course, services will continue as usual in the Church Hall


Mon. 17th March 12.30pm Beaulieu Abbey Church Hall
Welcome glass of Sherry;
Irish Crockpot (lamb) with Crushed new potatoes;
Bakewell Tart and cream; Coffee/tea and mints
Followed by a sing-a-long of Irish songs with Rosa at the piano Tickets, £8, from Gillian Field 02380 892394

LENT COURSE – Starts this week

The Lent Course 2014, starting this week, is entitled Living the Mission of Jesus. There will be 6 sessions: 1. The Kingdom of God 2. We grow authentic disciples 3.We re-imagine the Church 4. We are agents of social transformation 5. We belong together in Christ 6. Living the Mission of Jesus. The 1st session will be on Tuesday 11th March at 7.30pm in St Paul's Church Hall, East Boldre and Wednesday 12th March at 11am in The
Abbey Church Hall followed by soup for lunch.


If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of Easter flowers in memory of a loved one please let Pauline know (Abbey Church), Marigold (St Paul's) and Joan (St Katharine's)


The preacher and celebrant at the 9.30am Holy Communion Service will be the Bishop of Kigali in Rwanda, +Louis. It will be a great opportunity to hear about the life of a church in such a different part of he world.
6th April 2014 will be the 20th Anniversary of the attrocities of 1994. The Deanery Lent Project is to fund the cost of a video/DVD as an awareness tool for use in Rwanda and here to illustrate the reality of Christian forgiveness and reconciliation, showing the positive aspects of Rwanda today and the hopes of the people for the future
The collection at that service will be for the Deanery Lent Project. Co

If you would like to make a donation to the Heating Fund, please place a cheque made payable to Beaulieu Abbey Church PCC (Heating Fund) in the offertory bag. Cash should be in an envelope marked Heating Fund and gift aided cheques or cash should be placed in a gift aid envelope with the details completed and mark the envelope Heating Fund.

Sunday 9th March
8.00am Bucklers Hard HOLY COMMUNION
9.30am Abbey Church Hall ALL AGE/FAMILY SERVICE
11.00am St Katharine's Exbury ALL AGE/FAMILY SERVICE
4.30pm Abbey Church Hall CHORAL EVENSONG

We pray for the sick: Betty, Pat, Jill, Minna, Dennis, Tom, Jean, Millie, Mona, Alan and Adele, Davina, Sue, Veronica, Ginny, Chris, Christopher, Felicity, Geoff, Eloise, Nora, Ann, Harriet, Sheila, Tim, Brian, Pat, Tom, Mary, another Mary, Eve and Margaret
(To keep this list up-to-date and relevant, please let us know the names of those we should continue to hold in our prayers)

Those who have died: We pray for the family and friends of Janet Rich who died last Sunday. We also pray for the family and friends of Gloria Phillips whose funeral was in St Paul's Church, East Boldre on 7th March and of Florence Joan Tregidga whose funeral will be on Tuesday 18th March in St Katharine's Church, Exbury

Weddings: We pray for Charles Smith and Katie Dewey who will be married in St Katharine's Exbury at 1.00pm on Saturday 15th March.


Tuesday 11th March
7.30pm St Paul's Church Hall, East Boldre Lent Course 1

Wednesday 12th March
10.30am Abbey Church Hall HOLY COMMUNION
11.00am Abbey Church Hall Lent Course 1

Thursday 13th March
10.00 -12noon Rectory Office

Saturday 15th March
1.00pm St Katharine's, Exbury Wedding

Sunday 16th March
8.00am Bucklers Hard HOLY COMMUNION
9.30am Abbey Church Hall HOLY COMMUNION
11.00am St Paul's, East Boldre HOLY COMMUNION

Readings for Sunday 16th March
First Reading Genesis 12:1-4a God makes a promise to Abram, who asks no questions, but simply obeys.

Second Reading Romans 4:1-5. 13-17 Faith is accounted as righteousness: what does this mean for Abraham's heirs?

Gospel John 3:1-17
All must be born again: why and how?


Morning Prayer 8:30am
Tuesday to Saturday – Abbey Church

Evening Prayer 5:30 pm
Tuesday - St Paul's, East Boldre
Wednesday - Abbey Church
Thursday - St Katharine's, Exbury
Friday – Bucklers Hard
Saturday - Abbey Church

From the Rectory Study March 2014

During this Lent, which starts on 5th March with Ash Wednesday, every the parish and benefice in the Diocese of Winchester has been encouraged by Bishop Tim to use a course entitled "Living the Mission of Jesus".

A team within the diocese building on the Swanwick conference principles to which I referred in last month's magazine has put this course together.

Bishop Tim writes, "Lent is a time of reflection and anticipation. It's a time to scrutinise ourselves and to ask what Jesus is saying to his Church today: to ask what needs to die with Christ so that something new might also rise with him to new life."

The course will be run over six weeks in two venues at different times of the day and so I hope it will be accessible to the widest range of people. Tuesday evenings at St Paul's, East Boldre starting 11th March at 7.30pm and Wednesday mornings in the Abbey Church hall starting 12th at 11.15am (followed by a bread and soup lunch).

Week 1. The Kingdom of God (Matthew 4:1-11)
Week 2. We grow authentic disciples (John 3:1-17)
Week 3. We re-imagine the Church (John 4:5 - 42)
Week 4. We are agents of social transformation (John 9:1 – 41)
Week 5. We belong together in Christ (John 11:1 – 45) Week 6. Living the mission of Jesus (Matthew 21:1 – 11)

All this is to build up and equip each member of the church to have the confidence and vision to play their part in their own church and community. Each parish is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' formula to re-vitalising and re-energising discipleship.

At the heart of it all is that Jesus came into the world to save the world. He did not come to create some exclusive parallel society for his followers but rather that they should be as inclusive and integrated in the world as possible, taking his presence and his values into every aspect of life. If this course helps us to do that in this part of his creation then it will be time well spent as well as being a great preparation for Easter.


One of the worst kept secrets of all time must be that I have been thinking about retirement, so it is with mixed feelings that I write to end the speculation.

Earlier this month I turned 68 and in June I will have been ordained for 36 years. There is no right time to stop but I have become increasingly aware that after four or five and sometimes six services on a Sunday I find myself more inclined to sitting down with the newspaper than going for a five mile yomp!

Earlier this month, having had a meeting with the Bishop of Southampton, I wrote to the Bishop of Winchester and advised him of my intention to retire at the end of June. Petertide (the feast of St Peter on 29th June) is the traditional time for ordinations and so it seemed a good time to stand down from the full time ministry, which in my case began in Hereford Cathedral in 1978.

There is an unwritten etiquette in the Church that when one relinquishes an appointment one leaves the area, which allows a successor to exercise their ministry without inhibition. Pauline and I shall be moving to Ledbury where I hope to be able to give some supports to local clergy from time to time who need a Sunday off, not least because I have been tremendously grateful to those who have covered for me over the years.

There are many things to say but there will be a time and a place for that. I would simply ask you to remember the Benefice Church Wardens in your prayers as they, together with the Parochial Church Councils, take on the responsibilities of planning for the forthcoming interregnum and the selection of my successor. Ryc.