Newsletter 9th November 2014


9th November 2014 No.1608

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What do the red poppies signify?

Though inspired by a Canadian poem, poppies were first worn to commemorate the fallen in the US, says the WW1 Canada site. They were chosen as a symbol because they grow in disturbed soil across northern France and Belgium. They sprang up on battle sites and around trenches. The flower was adopted as the symbol of the forces’ association by the Royal British Legion in 1921. That year the poppies made their first appearance on British lapels, sold to raise money for servicemen and their families.



Revd Belinda Searle-Barnes has very kindly offered to give Holy Communion to those unable to get to church. If you know of anyone who would like her to visit, please telephone the Office 01590 612242 and leave the person’s name, address and phone number.



Marigold Jordan is collecting used postage stamps for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. At the Abbey Church there is a red box in which to put your stamps outside the hall



Abbey Church Hall  Friday 21st November

12.30pm – 3pm

Welcome glass of sherry, Turkey Supreme, chocolate dessert, coffee and a mint and a bit of Christmassy singing

Tickets £7.50 from Margaret Marshall 02380 8924698

or from the Office in the Abbey Church on a Thursday morning.

If you know someone who would like to come but has no transport, please let me know and I will try to arrange something.  MM



As part of the Diocesan strategy each parish is required to produce a mission plan as their response to the 4 strategic priorities.

There is a meeting 24th November at St Andrew's Church.

If we are to reappoint, everybody in the worshipping congregation needs to get engaged.

Do we attempt this project as a benefice? Who would like to lead?          

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To the members of the PCC of St Katharine’s, St Paul’s and The Abbey churches:

Please be advised that the s11 meeting will take place at Beaulieu Church  7.30pm Thursday 4th December.


Sunday  9th November


8.00am         Bucklers Hard               Holy Communion

10.00am       Abbey Church           Combined benefice

                                                    remembrance service

11.30am      St Katharine’s, Exbury  Wreath Laying

11.30am      St Paul’s, East Boldre    Wreath Laying

4.30pm        Abbey Church               CHORAL EVENSONG



Apologies for the delay with the November magazine due to unforeseen difficulties. Hopefully all has been resolved.

Please note that magazine deadlines over the Christmas period have changed. Deadline for the December Edition is the 15th November. Deadline for the January Edition is the 30th November.

After January we will go back to normal the 15th of the month.

We pray for the sick:  Pat, Jill, Minna, Dennis,  Geoff & Jean, Mona, Alan, Sue, Chris, Christopher, Harriet, Tim, Tom & Mary, Eve, Margaret, Lara, Ruth, Valerie, Mavis, Joy, Missy and Debra (To keep this list up-to-date and relevant, please let us know the names of those we should continue to hold in our prayers)

Those who have died: We pray for the family and friends of James Sambidge whose funeral will be in St Paul’s Church, East Boldre on 11th November at 12noon and for the family and friends of Beryl Bavister whose Service of Thanksgiving will be in Beaulieu Abbey Church on Friday 21st November at 2.30pm

Weddings: We pray forSteven Lush and Kirsty Newton who will be married in the Abbey church on Saturday 15th November at 1.00pm



Tuesday 11th November

12noon    St Paul’s Church. East Bolder   funeral

Wednesday 12th  November

10.30am       Abbey Church              Holy Communion


Thursday 13th November

10.00 -12noon   Benefice Office


Saturday 15th  November

1.00pm         Abbey Church               Wedding


Sunday   16th November

8.00am         Bucklers Hard               Holy Communion

9.30am         Abbey Church               SUNG Communion

11.00am       St Paul’s, East Boldre   Holy Communion


Readings for 16th November                 

First Reading  Zephaniah 1:7. 12-18

The prophet warns of the Lord’s imminent and cataclysmic day of judgement on a people who have broken faith with him. Those who have presumed upon God’s indifference will find their material securities powerless to save them.

Second Reading   1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Paul reminds the Thessalonians that, since no one knows the exact time and date of the Lord’s return, they are to encourage one another in consistent Christian living as children of the light, always prepared for God’s coming.

Gospel  Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus compares his ultimate return to an absent master coming back to settle accounts with the servants to whom he has entrusted his wealth. Those who have used their Lord’s resources fruitfully are rewarded; the one who has done nothing is cast out.