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7th December 2014 No.1612

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John the Baptist appears on Jordan’s bank, the last in a great line of prophets, certainly looking the part, and saying all the right things about the coming of the Messiah. He attracts attention, followers and enemies with his distinctive appearance and blend of forthrightness and humility. Consequently he would both impress and then embarrass King Herod, who would put his head on a plate rather than heed his call to repentance. Although he never had the opportunity to confess Jesus as Risen Lord, he is nevertheless revered as a Christian saint and martyr for justice and truth.


The uptake of the Parish Magazine in the AbbeyChurch is disappointingly poor  considering the number who worship here. Our sister churches and B/H do better. It only costs 50p (ridiculous ) and can be a valuable tool for out reach and mission. The content this month gives all the many Christmas benefice services along with news and some articles of interest including one from a Benedictine.

Why not this month buy two and give one away to your non Christian neighbour? After all it is Christmas.


Chartres Cathedral Tues 19.5.15 until Fri 22.5.15


We are planning a trip to Chartres for any of us from the villages or our 3 churches.We would travel by coach from Beaulieu on the Tuesday morning, ferry across & continue, in the same coach, hoping to arrive during the afternoon with the reverse for the homeward journey arriving back late afternoon/evening on the Friday. Our guide, Lucie Lewis, would travel with us.This would give us 2 full days to explore the cathedral & to wander the city plus the evening of our arrival.We cannot estimate the price until we know how large a coach would be required but this is just to gauge the number who would be interested in this venture with no commitment from you yet but I do need to hear from you.

Please contact Sue Nicholas Tel. no…..  01590 612 736

Email……. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is Triple Listening ?

You can find out by visiting the Church Website and going to the section, What's up at Deanery?

During Advent we need to prepare for the Parish Mission Action Plan by prayers and readings. See your Deanery rep. Beaulieu PCC will need to discuss this at the next meeting on Tuesday 20th January.



The Benefice Christmas lunch at BrockenhurstCollege on Friday January 30th at 12 noon is a 3 course meal served by the students and is great quality and excellent value at £15 per head. Tickets and menu are available from Jill Wrightson on 023 80846903.




Please remember to save stamps for Marigold Jordan who is collecting them for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance


Christmas Concert

in aid of The Honeypot Charity

in Beaulieu Abbey Church on 8th  December at 7.30.

with special guest speaker, Dan Snow. The Beaulieu Warblers, conducted by James Fitzgerald are providing the music.  Tickets £10 to include a champagne reception, are available from Honeypot   House, 02380 890002.

Sunday 7th December

8.00am          Bucklers Hard               Holy Communion

9.30am         AbbeyChurch               SUNG Communion

11.00am  St Paul’s, East Boldre ALLAGE/FAMILY SERVICE 

We pray for the sick:  Pat, Jill, Minna, Dennis,  Geoff & Jean, Mona, Alan, Sue, Chris, Christopher, Harriet, Tim, Tom & Mary, Eve, Margaret, Lara, Ruth, Valerie, Mavis, Joy, Missy and Debra (To keep this list up-to-date and relevant, please let us know the names of those we should continue to hold in our prayers)

Those who have died: We pray the family and friends of Phyllis May Stevens whose funeral was on Friday 5th December in the Abbey Church. We pray for family of baby Thomas Arthur Percy whose funeral will be in St Katharine’s Church, Exbury on Tuesday 9th December at 11am and for the family and friends of Catherine Hensby whose funeral will be in the Abbey Church on Friday 12th December at 12noon


Monday 8th December

7.30pm       Abbey church             Honeypot Carol Service

Tuesday 9th December

11.00am      St Katharine’s Church, Exbury          Funeral

Wednesday 10th December

10.30am       AbbeyChurch              Holy Communion  
Thursday 11th December

10.00-12noon  Benefice Office

Friday 12th December

12noon      AbbeyChurch           Funeral

Sunday  14th December

8.00am         Bucklers Hard               Holy Communion

9.30am       AbbeyChurch            ALLAGE/FAMILY SERVICE 

11.00am       Exbury                          CAROL SERVICE         

12.30pm       Exbury                          baptism

4.30pm        AbbeyChurch               CHORAL EVENSONG 


Readings for next Sunday 14th December


First Reading  Isaiah 61:1-4. 8-11

The God of Israel sends a messenger to proclaim to his people the good news of coming salvation.

Second Reading  1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

God’s messengers are to be welcomed, but their messages carefully weighed.

Gospel  John 1:6-8. 19-28

The forerunner proclaims the imminent coming of the long-expected anointed one.