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 17th August 2014 No.1596

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Having Spoken about defilement coming from within, rather than outside someone, Jesus again retreats from the crowds and then encounters a Gentile woman who might be considered to be defiled herself. The disciples want rid of her (a Gentile and a woman!), and Jesus playfully challenges her with a commonplace insult (Gentiles were called ‘dogs’ by  Jews). Her response is clever, and while it acknowledges the primacy of the Messiah’s mission to Israel, it also hints at the future opening up of the kingdom to all believers. Jesus concurs, and her daughter is healed.


The Annual Terry Abernethy Cricket match

The Annual Terry Abernethy Cricket match will be held on Sunday 17th August at 2pm at Beaulieu Cricket Club. The Abernethy family would love to see you there for all or part of the match, but definitely for tea, which will be taken at approx 4.15.We would very much value your presence, as it means a great deal to our family to have you there, as well as cheering on the Abernethy X1 who need every ounce of your support! I very much look forward to seeing you on the day. All good wishes, Sue Abernethy and all the family



‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ by  Pop Up Opera

Saturday 13th September   7.00pm   £15

Some revues from previous performances:

"A two-hour explosion of beautiful music, top-class singing, and exceptional acting... I honestly cannot imagine anyone, of any age or class or tastes, who would have been bored or unmoved." The Times  

“They’re serious about opera but know opera isn’t always serious” Performance Reviewed

Book on line

or Box Office PO Box84 Lymington SO41 3ZA with a cheque to Music at Beaulieu and a s.a.e.



The Benefice Office is now fully installed in the Vicar’s vestry in the Abbey Church. The phone number is still 01590 612242 and the answer-phone will be cleared every day. In an emergency please  ring one of the church wardens.


Beaulieu, Exbury and East Boldre News

Our church magazine, parish news or whatever  name it is known by is thoroughly good value at 50p. A lot of people, churchgoers and non churchgoers, like to read it from cover to cover but some people I know say “O I never get one” or “I never read it.”  If you are one of these then try it. I guarantee there will be something of interest, however small and 50p really isn’t much. I would be sad to see it go.


Beaulieu Village Fete

Final result shows a net profit of £12,350, quite as well as we have ever done before. Many thanks to all concerned Peter Melhuish Vice Chairman, BVF Committee


Sunday 17th August


8.00am Bucklers Hard HOLY COMMUNION
9.30am Abbey Church SUNG COMMUNION
11.00am St Paul's, East Boldre HOLY COMMUNION
12.30pm Abbey Church baptism

We pray for the sick: Pat, Jill, Mina, Dennis, Geoff & Jean, Mona, Alan, Sue, Chris, Christopher, Eloise, Harriet, Tim, Tom & Mary, Eve, Margaret, Lara, Joyce, Ruth, June, Valerie and Mavis (To keep this list up-to-date and relevant, please let us know the names of those we should continue to hold in our prayers)

Baptisms: We pray for Grace Jessica Chant who was baptized in St Katharine's, Exbury last Sunday. We pray for Bella Georgia Ann Black who will be baptized today in the Abbey Church at 12.30pm and for Craig Anthony Dunn who will be baptized in the Abbey Church next Sundy at 12.30pm

Weddings: We pray for Philip Graham Woodhead and Tessandre Elaine Matwychuk, married on Saturday 16th August in the Abbey Church.


Wednesday 20th August

10.30am Abbey Church HOLY COMMUNION

Thursday 21st August

10.00-12noon Benefice Office

Sunday 24th August


8.00am Bucklers Hard HOLY COMMUNION
9.30am Abbey Church HOLY COMMUNION BCP
11.00am St Katharine's, Exbury HOLY COMMUNION
12.30pm Abbey Church baptism
6.30pm St Paul's, East Boldre EVENSONG

Readings for 24th August
First Reading Isaiah 43:8-13
The prophet Isaiah calls God's people to bear witness that the Lord is the only God and to proclaim as witnesses all that the Lord has done for them.

Second Reading Acts 5:12-16
Through the apostles chosen by Jesus and sent to bear witness to his resurrection, God continues to work miracles of healing and deliverance and more people come to believe in Jesus, the Son of God, as they witness these signs and wonders.

Gospel Luke 22:24-30
Jesus teaches the disciples that although they will be with him in heaven, while they are his apostles in the world they must follow his example and be humble servants of others, not seeking power and glory for themselves.



As we are in an Interregnum, there will be no Daily Offices in any of the churches in the Benefice. Normal Sunday services in all the churches and Wednesday Holy Communion Services in the Abbey Church will continue as usual.

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