Newsletter 11th April 2021


11th April 2021. No.1925

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Father John 01590 612183,    The Office 01590 612242 (currently working from home)

Please note: Monday is Father John's rest day. Urgent enquiries on this day should be directed to the Benefice Office. Details above.

Sunday 11th April

9.30am Abbey Church        HOLY COMMUNION

11.15am St Katharine’s, Exbury    MORNING PRAYER

Wednesday 14th April

10.30am From The Rectory via Zoom Morning Prayer

Sunday 18th April

9.30am Abbey Church    HOLY COMMUNION

11.15am St Paul’s, East Boldre    MORNING PRAYER

Wednesday 21st April

10.30am From The Rectory via Zoom Morning Prayer


NB For those attending any of our Benefice services it is essential that we operate according to the current government Covid regulations:

The names of all those attending must be supplied for our Register.

Please be aware that when considering attendance, it is only permissible to stay overnight within a support bubble, ie no more than 1 or 2 individuals.

Please adhere strictly to these government rules and help keep each other safe.

We shall be zooming the 9.30am Abbey service for those unable to attend.

Please book seats as numbers are limited at each service. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Office Mobile number 07375 773832. If you are unable to use them please let Elizabeth know via the Office email address asap and your seats can be re-allocated.


Benefice Administrator: Elizabeth Field. Office hours are working from home Monday and Tuesday 10am – 3.30pm and Friday 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Illumination Event

Thursday 15th April – In memory of John and Myrtle Reynolds.


Thank you Churchwardens, the Administrator, Musicians, Sacristan, Singers, Servers and Sidespeople, and to all of you who carried out those extra tasks that enabled our Easter celebrations to go so well. Thank you to Caroline Maiden, Laura Barber, Liz Wigfield, Caroline Evans, Sally Brearley, Jan Saunders, Angela Martin, and Lesley Hernaman whose flower arrangements delighted us on Easter Day. FJ


Wednesdays during April

For the Wednesdays in April, we shall be reverting to 10.30am for our service of Morning Prayer zoomed from the Rectory. All being well, during May we shall return to the Abbey Church for the service of Holy Communion.        FJ.



Evensong will return on Sunday 9th May, 6.30pm in the Abbey Church. Fr John.


The April edition is available on-line with a few hard copies for those unable to access it. FJ


Fareshare are operating two ‘Larders’ in the New Forest area:

The Mobile Larder - Every Thursday, 1.00 – 2.30pm, located in the car park of St Mark’s Community Hall SO41 8EJ (opposite The Musketeer). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More information on the Benefice Website.

The Ashley Larder - operating 9.30 - 11.30am at the Ashley Baptist Church, 3 Lower Ashley Road, New Milton, BH25 5AA.Please contact Sara Steele on 01590 612216 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Run by volunteers, these are a membership scheme helping people of the local community with reducing food shopping bills and providing fresh and ambient foods provided by Fareshare. Cost of membership varies between £2.50 - £5.00 a week depending on the size of your household. A membership form needs to be completed and proof of address/ID provided unless a recognised referral agency refers you to this scheme.


Items required – tinned vegetables, rice pudding, sponge puddings, 500g bags of sugar, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel, soap, small packets of washing powder/detergent.

Eggs – The Foodbank are continuing with their egg fund to include eggs in food boxes that are given to families in need. For more information or to donate contact the Foodbank first on 07768 713329.


Items required - tins of meat/meat balls/chicken in white sauce/Irish Stew/chicken, tinned mince, Fairy Liquid, J clothes, Shampoo & conditioner, toothbrushes & toothpaste. For more information and to check someone can receive donations, please contact 01590 610008 Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm.


Veronica & David House, Jackie Hutchins, Ruth Willrich, Annette, Helen Matcham, Manfred, Barbara, Michael Cooper, Valerie Wright.

Please help us to keep this up to date*

We respect the circumstances of the above named and leave it to them to disclose any personal details.

*If you would like a name added to this list, please speak to Fr John.

Recently Departed: Marigold Jordan - Former Churchwarden at St Paul’s, East Boldre.   Dennis Biddle.   Viv Griffiths.

We were sad to hear of the death of Viv Griffiths, who often accompanied and assisted her husband Geoff when he came to tune our Walker organ. FJ

Anniversaries of death: John Thacker (15/04/2018), Douglas Betteridge (16/04/2018)