Newsletter 20th December 2020

20th December 2020, No. 1909
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Please note: Monday is Father John's rest day. Urgent enquiries on this day should be directed to the Benefice Office. Details above.

The Bulletin & Magazine are a good source of information for Services & activities in the Benefice, please take a copy of each. Any articles for the Magazine need to be sent to the Office by the 12th of the month.

Sunday 20th December
2.30pm St Paul’s, East Boldre CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE

Thurs 24th December – Christmas Eve
4.00pm St Katharine’s, Exbury* Christmas Holy Communion
* Stars in memory of loved ones – to hang on Christmas tree.

Fri 25th December – Christmas Day
10.00am Abbey Church Combined Christmas Holy Communion

Sunday 27th December
10.00am Abbey Church Combined Benefice Holy Communion
Please note – this service will not be zoomed.
No other services in Benefice

Every Friday, except Christmas Day, the Abbey Church will be open for Private Prayer only, 10am – 11am.

Benefice Administrator: Elizabeth Field. Office hours are Monday and Tuesday 10am – 3.30pm working from home, and Friday available for 1 hour in the Church Office from 10.30am by appointment – please email the Office to arrange appointment.

As it stands for the current Government directives, Christmas Services are as follows:

Thurs 24th December – Christmas Eve
4.00pm, Christmas Holy Communion at St Katharine’s, Exbury.

Fri 25th December – Christmas Day
10.00am, Combined Christmas Holy Communion at the
Abbey Church.
Attendance WILL be limited, and registration will be required for the 'non-Zoom' services. The website will publish details of how this is to be achieved, as things become more clear. However, we intend that priority will be given to our regular congregation. Social distancing, masks and hand sanitiser will still need to be in operation during services.       Fr John

Reminder: Covid precautions for Abbey Church
The kitchen is CLOSED for everything, if you need a drink bring it with you. The single lavatory is open only for emergencies. The disabled toilet will only be opened by a steward. The Hall may NOT be used unless booked via the office. These rules are in place to keep EVERYONE safe.

Sunday 27th December will be Peter’s last Sunday in his capacity as Churchwarden.        Fr John.

Air flow during services
Following best practice and Government recommendations, it is essential that there is an effective flow of air through our churches during services. This is more acceptable when the weather is warm, but less so on colder Sundays! Please wear more or fewer layers as appropriate.     FJ.

The Ashley Larder is a mobile larder service providing both fresh and ambient foods provided by Fareshare which can be accessed by those on low incomes by paying a small subscription which will not exceed £5.00 for a family of 4. The service is starting on December 8th at 9.30 - 11.30 at the Ashley Baptist Church, 3 Lower Ashley Road, New Milton, BH25 5AA.
Please contact Sara Steele on 01590 612216 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested so the organisers can gain some idea of numbers.

Items required – tinned carrots (very low stock), tinned rice pudding, sponge puddings, 500g bags of sugar, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel, soap, small packets of washing powder/detergent.
Eggs – The Foodbank are continuing with their egg fund. This is to enable them to purchase boxes of eggs to include in food boxes that are given to families in need. For more information or to donate contact the Foodbank first on 07768 713329.

Items required - tins of meat/meat balls/chicken in white sauce/Irish Stew/chicken, tinned mince, Fairy Liquid, J clothes, Shampoo & conditioner, toothbrushes & toothpaste. For more information and to check someone can receive donations, please contact 01590 610008 Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm.

I am contemplating the possibility of illuminating the exterior of the Abbey Church to mark an anniversary, a family event, or in memory of a loved one. January – March 2021, 6pm – 10pm. £25 donation in Aid of Church Funds.          Fr John.

As you know we have an ongoing commitment to the Foodbank and Basics Bank. This Christmas we shall be supporting the work of the Church Army. Fr Michael is a Church Army captain himself and retained his commission, even after ordination. So he is the Revd Canon Captain....and CA after his name signifies Church Army. Rooted in the Church of England, they are often mistaken for the Salvation Army! The Church Army involves itself in prisons, family work, substance abuse work, holiday missions, all manner of chaplaincy work. They have a particular ministry to the homeless. Do access the Church Army website. Although I hope we shall feel able to support the CA, I respect that we all have our own 'pet' charity and, quite properly, we exercise our right to contribute where we feel the need.         FJ.

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS: Veronica & David House, Marigold Jordan, Jackie Hutchins, Ruth Willrich, Annette Southward, David Kelso, Helen Matcham, Manfred.
Please help us to keep this up to date*. We respect the circumstances of the above named and leave it to them to disclose any personal details.
*If you would like a name added to this list, please speak to Fr John.

Recently departed: Bryda Maughan, Minnie Lloyd.

Beaulieu Abbey Church will be illuminated on the evenings of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th December respectively. An anonymous donor has financed this. It will be in thanksgiving for the work and friendship of Peter and Annie Melhuish.       Fr John.