Newsletter 23rd August 2020

23rd August 2020, No. 1892
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Please note: Monday is Father John's rest day.
Urgent enquiries on this day should be directed to the Benefice Office. Details above.

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Sunday 23rd August
9.30am Abbey Church HOLY COMMUNION BCP
11.15am St Katharine’s, Exbury HOLY COMMUNION

Sunday 30th August

Benefice Administrator: Elizabeth Field. Office hours are Monday and Tuesday 10am – 3.30pm & Friday 1pm – 4pm.



In light of the covid-19 pandemic and our desire to minimise the spread of the virus, and the intimate space of the Chapel, the Sunday 8am Service is suspended until further notice. Fr John.

The Foodbank continue to support the local community during lockdown. They are in need of some items. Donations can be delivered to the front door of the Foodbank in Blackfield on a Tuesday & Friday, between 10am – 12noon. Please knock on the door and stand back, and someone will meet you. Items required – tinned rice pudding, sponge puddings, 500g bags of sugar, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel, soap, small packets of washing powder/detergent. For more information contact the Foodbank on 07768 713329.

The New Forest Basics Bank are also in need of donations to help support families in need. Particular items required are tins of meat/meat balls/chicken in white sauce/Irish Stew/chicken & beef curry, Fairy Liquid, J clothes, Shampoo & conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Items can be brought to the Basics Bank location - in the Cannon Street East car park in Lymington. For more information they can be contacted on 01590 610008, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm.

On Saturday 12 September, the HIHCT holds its annual fund raising activity, ‘Ride and Stride’. This year, our Benefice proposes to support the Trust by arranging a group walk from Beaulieu Abbey Church to Bucklers Hard, and then (perhaps!!) on to East Boldre. There will be leaflets and sponsor forms available from the rear of the Abbey Church, or from contacting Elizabeth at the Office, or the HIHCT website: undefined
Once the walk is completed, collect the money from your sponsors. Please note that 50% of the monies you collect may be returned to a Church of your choice! More details from Peter Melhuish (either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 02381788034)

The Electoral Roll of the Abbey Church must be revised before the coming APCM on 6th October. This means that anyone who is not on the Electoral Roll and who would like to come to that meeting must join. A notice with details about the Revision of the Electoral Roll, explaining who is eligible to join, is on both church notice boards. Enrolment Forms will be available from Margaret Marshall between 7th and 21st September, and after that a full list of names will be displayed.

Conscious of the need to social distance, future Combined Benefice Services will be held in the Abbey Church until further notice. The next Combined Benefice Service will be Sunday 30th August starting at 10am.
For the time being, and without the presence of singing and a robed choir, monthly Evensong will be suspended. FJ.

Sunday 20th September 11.15am Morning Prayer & Harvest Thanksgiving at St Paul's, East Boldre.

Sunday 27th September 11.15am Morning Prayer & Harvest Thanksgiving at St Katharine's, Exbury.

Sunday 4th October 9.30am Morning Prayer & Harvest Thanksgiving at the Abbey Church.

(NB, For those wishing to make their communion on Sunday 4th October, there will be a service of Holy Communion at 11.15am at St Paul's East Boldre)
! Please note – There will be no fresh food items displayed in the churches during Harvest. Instead we ask for donations of tinned meat and vegetables, packets of rice, pasta, and cereal. All donated food will be divided between Foodbanks.

The Abbey Church is open to the visitors from the Museum 7 days a week from 2pm – 4pm. On some occasions over 100 visitors have been in to see our beautiful and historic church. We would like more stewards to join the team. Training will be given. Please contact Sally Brearley for more information.

A second Benefice Zoom Quiz is being organised for Friday 18th September, 7.00pm. Quiz Master is Sarah Jacques, who did a great job with the questions - some quite thought-provoking! If you would like to take part, please email your interest to the office. A link for the Quiz will be sent to you nearer the time.

Director of Music
A reminder that Philip's final Sunday as our Director of Music will be Sunday 27th September. Any contributions towards a leaving gift please place it in an envelope, clearly marked, and give it to one of our churchwardens, Adam or Peter. Thank you. Fr John

The Abbey Church churchwardens and I have decided that this year we will not be holding a Supper, nor pursuing the alternatives that have been mooted; we fear the event would be neither one thing nor the other, and therefore much less enjoyable. The use of our hall for social gatherings and meals is out of the question for the foreseeable future. However frustrating this is, we must continue to be cautious, take the longer view, and recognise the duty of care we have for each other. We shall look to next year to plan something enjoyable.
Fr John

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS: Veronica & David House, Sydney Jackson, Marigold Jordan, Jane B-C, Jackie Hutchins, Irene and her family, Ruth Willrich. Please help us to keep this up to date *.
We respect the circumstances of the above named and leave it to them to disclose any personal details.
* If you would like a name added to this list, please speak to Father John.