Newsletter 29th December 2019


29th December 2019, No. 1875


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Telephone the office on 01590 612242

Please note: Monday is Father John's rest day. Urgent enquiries on this day should be directed to the Benefice Office 01590 612242, where messages may be left. 

Sunday 29th December

8.00am    Buckler’s Hard  HOLY COMMUNION


Monday 30th December

10am – 12noon  Benefice Office

Tuesday 31st  December 

10am – 12noon   Benefice Office

Wednesday 1st January

10.30am  Abbey Church  HOLY COMMUNION

Thursday 2nd  January

Benefice Office closed

Friday 3rd January

11.30am  Abbey Church  Funeral

Sunday 5th January 2020   EPIPHANY

8.00am   Buckler’s Hard  HOLY COMMUNION

9.30am  Abbey Church   SUNG COMMUNION  with procession of kings

11.15am    St Paul’s, East Boldre  MORNING PRAYER

ABBEY CAROL SERVICE. Thank you to the combined forces of the Abbey Church Choir and the Chorale, and to the readers who produced a memorable service for us.  FJ

Thank you to Derek and Mike for building this year’s Crib positioned under the altar.   FJ

THANK  YOU. Thank you for making the Christmas Festivities so memorable. I am grateful to our Benefice Church wardens, Administrative Team, Musicians, Flower arrangers, Readers, Sidespeople and all who took on additional tasks over the festivities. Thank you also for your cards and gifts to me – and “Wesley”.  May 2020 be happy and fulfilling for you and yours. With my love and prayers, Fr John.

VISITOR’S MEETING.  There will be a Visitor’s Meeting in the Gallery, on Friday 10th January 2020. Please note proposed later start of 11.15am. Many thanks.   FJ.

YELLOW WEEKLY GIVING  ENVELOPES.  There are some boxes available containing an envelope for each week of the year. You may wish to give in this way. If you are unable to come sometimes, simply hold on to the envelopes containing your collection and bring them when you are able. Further details from Mike Dawkins.. 

KNITTING FOR SEAFARERS – WOOL NEEDED.  In October 227 items (151 hats, 18 balaclavas, 50 pairs of mittens and 8 scarves), and in December 51 items (45 hats and 6 scarves) were transported to the Mission to Seafarers. For our Benefice knitters to continue with this cause they need wool. If anyone has any double knitting wool please pass this to Ruth Crouch or leave in the Benefice Office for Ruth to collect. Alternatively, if you would like to donate money for Ruth to purchase wool, this would be much appreciated. If you knit or crochet and wish to help, please see Ruth who can give you the patterns. 

THE CROSSINGS  LINKED WITH ST JOHN’S CHURCH, HYTHE. A charity initiated by churches in the New Forest. Providing support to those who are homeless (including those in temporary accommodation) or at risk of being made homeless or otherwise vulnerable. This is done by means of a drop-in centre which provides: access to WiFi and use of a laptop on the premises, opportunity to charge mobile phones, support to engage with statutory and other voluntary services in order to secure accommodation, an opportunity to talk about their concerns in a confidential and accepting environment, refreshments including a simple meal and facilities to wash.

RECYCLE YOUR USED STAMPS. Don’t forget to save used postage stamps over Christmas? There is a box in the corridor between the Hall and the Abbey Church where the stamps can be deposited. These will be collected by Ruth Crouch and sent to The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. It would be much appreciated if all stamps being donated could betrimmed with enough paper around them for the stamps to be complete and not damaged. Thank you for the continued support of this outreach project throughout the year. 


Sunday 29th December

8.00am  Buckler’s Hard  HOLY COMMUNION

10.00am    Abbey Church  COMBINED BENEFICE SERVICE

Sunday 5th January 2020   EPIPHANY

8.00am  Buckler’s Hard  HOLY COMMUNION

9.30am   Abbey Church  SUNG COMMUNION

11.15am  St Paul’s, East Boldre  MORNING PRAYER

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS:  Veronica & David House, Ruth Willrich, Ann & Bruce Wallace, Paul Humphries, Dorothy Alston, Charlotte Hammond, Valerie Wright, Leonard &  Joy Taylor, Joyce Creamer, Sydney Jackson, Marigold Jordan, Andrew & Isabel Tyrrell,  Denise Abell-Parker, Ginny French, Anne, Jane B-C.  Please help us to keep this up to date.    We respect the circumstances of the above named and leave it to them to disclose any personal details.  FJ

Recently Departed: Mabel Mildred Mary Haddrell

Anniversaries of death: Jean Bye (29/12/2005)