What's up at Deanery?

Lyndhurst Deanery Mission Team

From Sylvia Lovell
Lyndhurst Deanery Mission Team
The team met on Thursday 10th July at Sway church hall. our summer meetings are a valuable opportunity to get to know each other better over a shared meal and to exchange news about our own parishes and link churches in Rwanda.
It was a beautiful summer evening and we were able to sit outside to enjoy a  before official business.
We were welcomed by Neil Smart, the Vicar of Brockenhurst, who is our new chairman. The meeting began with a bible reading from Philippians followed by prayers.
The main business of the meeting was an update on the completion of last years lent project to fund the production of a film about 20 tears on from genocide.
Today Ruanda is a nation in recovery and as the DVD cover says, this is a remarkable story of reconciliation achieved through repentance and forgiveness. There are various edits of the film to be useful for schools and churches. They are already widely available in the deanery and then to every church in the diocese and each one contains study notes for use in groups. Distribution will spread to every school in the diocese.
Our much respected treasurer presented the accounts, impeccable as usual, and then announced his intention to stand down at the end of the year. He will continue to handle publicity for the lent project.
The meeting closed with prayer and a blessing.
We next meet on Thursday Sept 11th at 7.300pm at Brockenhurst to discuss the Lent Project for 2015.
Anyone wishing to borrow copy of the DVD please contact Sylvia Lovell 02380893284.