What's up at Deanery?

Deanery and Parish Share a new way to calculate

What is Parish Share?

Parish Share is a gift of money paid into the Common Mission Fund. The Common Mission Fund is the total of all parish payments in our Diocese. Every parish contributes every year and every parish receives from the Common Mission Fund the cost of its clergy. Expenditure on clergy includes stipend, pension contributions, housing cost and training. 
How is Parish Share now being calculated for my church?
It is calculated as follows.
1. The worshipping community figure for each parish is multiplied by its socio economic category weighting which then gives a number of units. The results for all parishes are the aggregated.
2. The total sum needed from Parish Share towards the 2015 budget is divide by the aggregated number, giving a monetary value for each unit=£U.
3. The Parish Share for a given parish is their number of units multiplied by £U
What is meant by socio economic category? 
Affluence is about the estimated ability of the congregation to contribute to the Common Mission Fund, when compared to other churches. It is expressed on a scale from A to G. A is the most unfavourably placed .G Most favourably placed. The Deanery have given us a suggested category of F. This means it is considered we are favourably placed and are judged to be able to pay relatively more per head into the Common Mission Fund than those in categories A,B and C.
What is the role in deaneries in all this?
The deanery finance team will collect our parish data. Will agree the membership figures and affluence banding for our parish.
Once initial calculations of Parish Shares have been made the deaneries will work with any parishes which feel they may be unable to meet the contribution requested.
We are today 23/7/2014 making application to renew our parish share for next year. We believe that our category is E.
"It is fundamental Biblical principle to resource the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere and not just where it can be afforded "