What's up at Deanery?

Lyndhurst Deanery

Issues arising from the Lyndhurst Deanery Parish Data returns   Update 2.

In Update 1 we reported that the returns received from Parishes had been submitted to the Diocesan Officers.  However, due to the number of  requests received for reductions in the provisional AC assigned by the diocese, and the time available for meaningful discussions, the Deanery Team were unable to support any requests for reductions in the provisional ACs.

Since that time the Deanery has been in extensive discussions with the Diocese and it has become apparent that several Deaneries have found themselves in a similar position.  TheDiocese has therefore decided that they will use the data submitted by the PCCs in the calculation of the parish share assessments for 2015.  As indicated in the Guide these calculations will include the adjustments necessary to cover the transitional arrangements and for larger Worshipping Communities.  

According to the timetable (Page 19) the Diocese will inform Parishes and the Deanery of the Parish Share by the 31st August.  This will be followed by a discussion period in which any applications for special consideration should be submitted.

Thank you again for the efforts you have already made; we look forward to working with you as we explore this new system together.

Yours in Christ,

Alex Russell.    ​David Heslop​     Martyn Taylor​    ​Peter Salisbury