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Report of the Deanery Synod Meeting

Report of the Deanery Synod Meeting

Lyndhurst June 10th 2015

The meeting was well attended, it was chaired by the Rural Dean assisted by the

Lay Chair of Synod Bill Andrews :

The Rural Dean advised of two Deanery initiatives as part of the Deanery Action Plan

  • the establishment of a Credit Union
  • an initiative to address homelessness in the Deanery

a follow up meeting for those interested in the Credit Union initiative is planned for Thursday 9th July, and for homelessness on Monday 13th July, both to be held at St Thomas Lymington at (?)

There followed a general discussion on pMAP activities in the Deanery, though no specific initiatives or parish plans were tabled.

An interesting presentation was made to the meeting by the local manager of New Forest Night Stop, an initiative that aims to take homeless young people (16 to 25 years) off the streets and out of harms way and to place them in the homes of local volunteers....this being very much a short term emergency measure whilst the youngsters needs are assessed and longer term plans for their future developed.

The 'ask' was for more volunteers in the local New Forest community to offer beds to the Charity. (more information at www.NFNS.org)

The Deanery finances were reported by the retiring treasurer, though no formal accounts for the previous period are yet ready to be presented (the Deanery Treasurer is vacating his post and a replacement has yet to be recruited), from the discussion it would appear that the Deanery is solvent.

There followed an animated discussion about the 'Parish Share'. It was reported by the Rural Dean that the share income to the Diocese for 2014 is likely to be around £450,000 below forecast. There is an anticipation  that for 2016 the income from the parish Share will show an even larger deficit.

Two issues emerged; the allocation of 'Affluence Bands' are probably wrongly assigned, this leading to a number of parishes (up to 100) requesting special consideration for their share to be reduced.

The Diocese is offering a 'Parish Share Surgery' as a means of assisting those parishes who are unable to meet their share by reducing their parish overhead and other costs.

Other matters:

We received a short presentation about the 2015 Diocesan visit to Rwanda...its purpose (the visit) was unclear. There was also a request for applications for those who might wish to visit Rwanda in 2016. The cost would be around £1000 per person plus spending money, again the purpose of the visit was unclear.

There are vacancies for both Clergy and Lay representation for the Diocesan Synod .

A request was made for volunteers for the Church Tent at the New Forest Show July 20th to 28th, in particular to assist with the children’s events.

The next meeting  of the Deanery Synod will be 20th October at St Thomas, Lymington.

Jane Barnicoat - Chongwe

John Hughes

Deanery Synod Rep’s

Not present at meeting ; Jane Cockeram