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Deanery Synod Report August 2017


Deanery Synod Report  PCC Beaulieu Abbey Church 23 August 2017


Spring Synod at St John’s Hythe was attended by the Archdeacon for Mission and Evangelism.


The Arch-deanery Mission Action Planned (aMAP) was launched. This was shared with Beaulieu Abbey Church APCM in April and was reported in detail to the BAC PCC.  The Parish Mission Action Plan (pMap) committee are now looking at ways of ensuring the aMap Is included in the pMap.


The Summer Synod took place at St Luke’s Sway and was not attended by any of the BAC Deanery Synod representatives. Apologies were sent to the Deanery Synod Lay Chair Mr Bill Andrews. Issues around meeting dates have been forwarded to the Deanery Synod Lay Chair.


The Agenda received prior to the scheduled meeting, informed D/ Synod that a presentation would be given on the topic `using the Pilgrim Course and the Alpha Course’.


BAC does not intend to use the Alpha Course at present and is already using the Pilgrim course. Previous study groups at BAC have used the Pilgrim course: The Lord’s Prayer and The Commandments.  The Eucharist, a Pilgrim course booklet, will also be used in the Autumn for those attending the Confirmation preparation group.


The position of Secretary to the Deanery Synod is vacant at present, however Bill Andrews Deanery Synod Lay Chair, is intending to interview one candidate / applicant for this post shortly.  The Finance Chair position remains vacant.


Deanery Synod reps from St.Paul’s East Boldre have suggested that we share transport and discussions arising from Deanery Synod, as a Benefice, as this has been done in the past and has proved useful to the Benefice.


The date for questions and topics to be considered by the Deanery Synod has been clarified, the next standing committee meets on the 20th September, therefore questions & topics for consideration should be submitted to the Area Dean and the Deanery Synod Lay Chair prior to the 13th September 2017.


The Autumn Synod meets on Thursday 12th October 2017 at All Saints Milford on Sea. 7pm for 7.30pm: The topics for presentation and discussion: Winter Night Shelter and Safe Families for Children.


NB Questions for the D/ Synod from Beaulieu Abbey Church will be formulated by our rep’s.


We are keen to seek clarification as to how the Diocesan and Deanery Link with Rwanda and the auditing and managing of the significant funds are allocated and monitored


(Initial Concern raised by JB-C, at a time when there are a significant number of countries in Africa needing C of E and Anglican Communion support, it is important that our funds are used where they are most needed and where they are used appropriately).


Minutes from the Summer D/ Synod had not been received at the time of writing this report.


Jane Barnicoat -Chongwe BAC Deanery Synod Rep.   5th August 2017