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Lyndhurst Deanery Synod Autumn Meeting

Lyndhurst Deanery Synod Autumn Meeting

St Thomas’ Church Lymington

October 20th 2015

The Rural Dean opened the meeting with an update summary of the Deanery Mission Plan, he commented on two areas of success:

 Work to establish a Credit Union within the Deanery continues and it is hoped      to link this initiative with the Christians against Poverty (CAP) activities and the Solent credit Union. A further meeting will be taking place in early November.

Homeless. The Good Samaritan Project is underway and it is hoped to link this project more closely with Deanery activities, though there seems to be little action since the last Synod meeting.

The Rural Dean also advised the meeting that all but one Parish in this Deanery had now submitted their Parish Action Plans.

Ministry and Mission

An enlightening presentation was given by representatives of the international Christian charity ‘ Compassion ‘.

The charity shares the mission and vision of the World Evangelical Alliance and links homeless and orphaned children in Africa with sponsoring families and churches in Europe who then provide for their care, health and education within a Christian environment. The charity works in 26 countries.

Of particular interest to the Synod is the work undertaken by Compassion through the churches in this country and Rwanda.

A number of those present spoke of personal experiences with the child sponsoring programme organised by Compassion. This was a very timely presentation/discussion as a number of parish representatives from our Deanery are about to visit Rwanda to establish local links or foster existing links.

Treasurers Report

The Deanery accounts for 2014 were presented and have already received the approval of the examiner/auditor. The meeting duly approved them.

There appears to be a small surplus at the end of 2014.

There are only two main areas of expense; the various expenses of the Rural Dean and a number of accounts connected with the various Rwandan excursions.

For 2015, three parishes within the Deanery have applied for ‘Special Consideration’ being likely to be unable to cover the cost of their Parish Share. The outcome of that consideration is not yet known.

As the Deanery accounts are in surplus it was proposed that for 2015 the Deanery subscription be reduced by a small %ge.

There is currently no Chairman of Finance for our Deanery. There appear to be no volunteers, so it was proposed that the ‘Parish Share Working Group’ be reconvened to examine the lengthy current job description with a view to simplifying the tasks and editing the text accordingly to make the position more attractive.

Other Matters  

The Deanery link visit to Rwanda in January 2016 was briefly reported.  The programme for the visit wasn’t presented, nor were there any specific objectives stated. The travel costs of those going will be paid for (in part) from Diocese funds.

The only other substantive item was an interesting report from the Rev Barry Kent, Chair of the New Forest Tent Committee. (The report is available).

The meeting was attended by Jane Cockeram, Jane Barnicoat and John Hughes

The Spring Deanery Synod will be on Thursday 3rd March 2016, Hordle.