Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Summary of APCM meeting held on Tuesday October 6, 2020


Held 6th October 2020 in the Abbey Church

Annual Vestry Meeting:

Elected Church Wardens Mr Peter Melhuish and Mr Adam Mills

Annual Parochial Church Meeting:

Father John gave his report as Chairman, reviewing 18 months of the life of the church. He also thanked Elizabeth Field our administrator, Margaret Marshall co-ordinator of the Visitors group and all volunteers who make the church function efficiently. Thanks also Lincia Salter and Derek Hewitt for repairing vestments and to the church wardens, Fr Michael Joint, Rev Linda Mead and Fr Iain Morrison.

Electoral Roll: 2019 total was 127. 11 names have been added, 5 removed; total now 133. 36 are resident in the parish (27%) and 97 non resident (73%). Gloria Knight is taking over as Electoral Roll officer.

The PCC were elected, list of names will be on the church notice boards at Beaulieu Abbey Church and the group of sidespersons were re-elected for the coming year.

Finances were discussed, the accounts having been available to view in the church previously and annual accounts accepted. Adam Mills gave a presentation regarding the anticipated financial situation going forward given the ongoing pandemic.

PCC Secretary reported that meetings had been well attended through the year, with general agreement for all works and decision making. Margaret Marshall is taking over as PCC secretary from November 2020.

Deanery Synod meetings reported here and at each PCC meeting.

Mission Action Plan will continue to be at the centre of our witness and worship, evolving as we move forward.

Other reports given included Fabric & Grounds, Church Wardens`, Social committee, Servers, Welcomers, Director of Music and Jelly Tots playgroup. All reports were adopted.

Date of first full PCC Meeting: 11th November 2020, 6.30pm

The Treasurer and Secretary to be elected at that meeting. Committees and full list of PCC members to be posted on all church noticeboards.