Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Minutes of APCM March 2019

The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin and Holy Child, Beaulieu

Minutes of the Annual Vestry and Parochial Church Meeting

Held 22nd March 2019

The meeting opened with prayers.

Present: Fr John Cooper White (Chair) Jane Barnicoat-Chongwe, Peter and Annie Melhuish, Tony Norris, Tricia Spells, Robin Philips, Jane Lowe, Mike Dawkins, Gillian Field, Denise Lyle, Margaret Marshall, Liz Frankcom, Liz and Mick Wigfield, Michael Pelham, Frederick Norris, Sally Brearley, Andrew Percy, Carol Mileusnic

Apologies: Jan Hoy, Adam and Patricia Mills, Maureen O`Donnell, Linda Mead, James and Sophie Burton, John and Kathy Hughes, Howard and Anne Moore, Philip Baxter, Miranda Elliot, Lucy Pelham


Election of Church Wardens:

Peter Melhuish        Proposed by Mick Wigfield        Seconded by Liz Wigfield

Adam Mills                 Proposed by Sir John Coles         Seconded by Sydney Jackson


There being no other nominations they were both duly elected. Agreed unanimously.

Meeting closed at 6.40pm



  • Minutes of last APCM (23.3.18). Agreed unanimously. Signed by Fr John.


  • Matters Arising:


  • Chairman`s Report: Fr J. Full report attached to these Minutes. Thanks given for all the help given to him this year, especially by Churchwardens for assisting in running the church, also to all working groups and volunteers. Grateful to Sally who now stands down as Churchwarden for her work over six years.


  • Electoral Roll Report: CM. Roll renewed this year, as every six years. 127 members. 36 resident in the parish (28%) 91 not resident (72%).

To receive the report: Proposed: Michael Pelham           Seconded: Annie Melhuish


  • Election of Lay Representatives to serve on PCC: three members stood down, and two members to replace, leaving one vacancy for 2019/2020.

New members: Miranda Elliot Proposed by Sally Brearley           Seconded by Mike Dawkins

              Jan Hoy              Proposed by Carol Mileusnic        Seconded by Andrew Percy


Election of Deanery Synod Representatives: both current reps standing again:

             Jane Barnicoat-Chongwe Proposed by Sally Brearley         Seconded by Gillian Field

             John Hughes                       Proposed by Sally Brearley           Seconded by Gillian Field

Both elected unanimously


  • Election of Sidespersons: CM. List read to the meeting.

To accept for coming year: Proposed by Tony Norris       Seconded by Annie Melhuish. Agreed unanimously


  • Treasurer`s Report and Presentation of Annual Accounts for year ended 31st December 2019: AP. Full report and copy of final accounts held with these Minutes. Thanks given to Finance committee and David Knight (Bucklers Hard). In addition MW gave short presentation regarding cashless giving systems in preliminary stages/ being trialled/introduced. Meeting supported schemes as an important change for future giving. Fr J gave thanks to AP for all his work culminating in the annual accounts, and thanked Finance committee for ongoing work.


To accept the accounts to year end 31st December 2018:

Proposed by Mick Wigfield        Seconded by Sally Brearley.       Agreed unanimously


  • Appointment of Independent Examiner: Sara Steele is willing to continue, meeting agreed. AP to send letter

of thanks.


  • Deanery Synod Report: read in JH absence. Full report with these Minutes.

To accept the report: Proposed by Mike Dawkins             Seconded by Gillian Field            Agreed unanimously


Fr J asked for it to be noted here that our thoughts go to Kathy Hughes at this time.


  • Report on Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Churches: SB. Full report attached to these Minutes. Main

topics to carry forward for the new PCC will include the Triptych, creation of Memorial Window for Edward Lord Montagu and possible removal of some pews. Opinions were sought at this meeting regarding the last, and discussions will be ongoing with the whole congregation. Fr J advised we should gain understanding as to future use and appearance of the church. He also thanked SB and the committee.

To adopt the Fabric report: Proposed by Robin Philips   Seconded by Denise Lyle             Agreed unanimously


  • Mission Action Plan BMap: J B-C. Full Benefice plan printed with these Minutes. JB-C thanked Frederick Norris for starting the process. BMap plan is already in operation, ahead of the timeline. Celebration of DMap to be held in July; BAC BMap to be presented later this year.


To adopt the report: Proposed by Sally Brearley               Seconded by Liz Wigfield            Agreed unanimously


  • Reports from sub committees: Church Wardens: PM. Full report held with these Minutes. Overview of church working, thanks given to the many volunteers who make so many aspects of church life possible. Fr J thanked AM for supporting Peter as Warden.

PCC Secretary`s Report: CM. BAC and Bucklers Hard annual figures: Baptisms = 9, Weddings = 24 BAC + 1 at BHard, Funerals = 15 BAC + 2 BHard. Burial of ashes not included. PCC membership was 15 (10 elected). PCC met four times through the year, with average attendance of 75%. In addition to usual business PCC focused on expanding welcome and outreach; includes growing team of Welcomers, outings, publicity and events in the church like the recent organ recitals which can serve as outreach and fundraising. Regular discussions and decisions made throughout the year for maintenance of the Abbey. Reports regarding Fabric presented each meeting, and email communication with the PCC between meetings. Matters regarding Deanery Synod, BMap, Safeguarding, choir and Social committee all reported separately each meeting. Agenda onto both Abbey church boards two weeks ahead of each meeting. Reports are received and forwarded to PCC ahead of meetings: helps compile accurate Minutes and gives members information in advance. Minutes produced as promptly as possible and emailed to members, a summary onto both BAC notice boards, board at Bucklers Hard, printed in Parish News and onto church website. This will be final year as secretary.

Social Committee: read in J Hoy absence: Past year`s events reported. Domus booked for Harvest Supper on 7.10.19. Musical Gala 13.7.19 to raise funds for the church. JH to discuss programme for 2019 with Fr J, with a view to confirming Rectors Lunches, other possible events (Sing a long/Bingo/BBQ etc). Raised question regarding costings of meals and help available at events. Thanked Fabio and family for assisting with setting up tables and chairs. Suggested Mr Ted Fort be asked to officially “open” the newly refitted kitchen to mark thanks and appreciation for covering the cost of this work. New kitchen has made a huge difference to the committee. To consider purchase of kitchen equipment which could be kept securely.

Flower team: read for Jo Cooke-Hurle. Flower Team worked hard this year; continued to decorate church with beautiful flower arrangements with a dedicated band of arrangers. Ably organised by Gerry Marling Roberts. JC-H has organised wedding and funeral flowers; SB has helped with the general overseeing of all things Floral. Arranged flowers for most of the weddings in the church. Several booked in for 2019. 
Christmas Wreath demonstration by Fin from Belle and Blossom, Beaulieu much enjoyed by all, a thank you to our team.  Despite cost of flowers rising we have been able to donate £1200 to the PCC this year. 

Welcomers: read in K Hughes absence. Comments in book show Welcomers very much appreciated.

Main E door open until noon daily then locked and door to the Estate opened for visitors. Some stay a short while, others ask questions and enjoy hearing about the history and use of the church now (services, concerts, jelly tots etc.) Books/gift stall very popular; new books and gifts regularly appear, especially at Christmas and Easter.  Thanks to all the Volunteers involved with appeal for more, to enable BAC to be open all week, not just five days.

Playgroup: read for Tania Nicholls. Jelly Tots Playgroup is held weekly.  Parent led group providing friendly environment for new and existing parents, a safe place for children of local families to play and to socialise before starting school.  Running for many years we feel important to continue for future young families of the parish. Popular with local families and new Mums, interest has increased this year, up to 25 children plus parent/carer each session. Non profit-making, funded by donations. This year to update toy storage, provide some outdoor activities (hand tools for toddlers to garden outside) and provide an area of wildlife interest. Each week baby/toddler weighing scales available for parents, popular due to lack of clinics locally. ‘Out and About’ programme: buggy and Toddle Waddle walks in the forest. Trip to the Out of Town Centre is planned. Many thanks for all those that support us.

Music/Choir: read in PB absence. Full report with these Minutes. New Director of Music thanked choir for their reception and pleased to introduce new music. Keen to involve younger music makers and singers.

To accept these reports:

Proposed by Margaret Marshall               Seconded by Tricia Spells                                            Agreed unanimously


  • Safeguarding: J B-C. Full report with these Minutes. Highlighted need to ensure procedures are followed

properly (registration forms, keyholders etc) and advised Safeguarding information on church website to be updated.


  • Any Other Business: GDPR: SB. Reminder that all personal information to be held solely in BAC office,

including Electoral Roll information. No personal information to be released without permission.


Meeting was closed, with a warm vote of thanks given to Sally for all she has done in the past six years and gifts given to mark her departure.

Meeting closed with a prayer 8pm.

First full meeting of the new PCC: Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 6.30pm. At this meeting Treasurer and Secretary will be elected, working groups confirmed and meeting dates for the year set. Any apologies to the secretary.


Nb Servers report omitted at the meeting. Printed report is held with these Minutes, Sec.