Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Summary of Beaulieu PCC meeting held via Zoom 23 June 2020

Summary of Beaulieu PCC meeting held 23rd June 2020 by video conference

In addition to usual committee matters the following were discussed:

Fabric: maintenance ongoing; to review removal of Valerian on buttresses. New curtain in place behind the Altar.

Finance: Due to current Covid situation, the Finance Committee anticipate a severe reduction in annual income. PCC agreed Finance committee to continue discussions with the Diocese regarding possible reduction in Cost of Parochial Ministry.

Reopening Protocol: BAC open for private prayed weekday mornings at present. To review restrictions in due course. Fr John would consider holding a service in the Cloister where safe distancing cold be ensured.

BMap/Deanery Synod: little to report.

Social committee: all events postponed. To review as situation changes.

Next meeting: 26.8.20

Secretary Beaulieu PCC , 2.7.20