Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Summary of minutes of PCC meeting held 7 November 2018

Summary of Beaulieu PCC meeting held 7th November 2018

In addition to usual committee matters the following were discussed:

BMap: the plan continues to be developed, to enhance worship, extend our Fellowship and Hospitality and to grow understanding and Mission within the community. All these aspects include activities within the church and the wider parish and community.

Fabric: several projects are being planned or are underway, made possible by generous donations, specifically for these works: positioning the Triptych “Descent from the Cross” permanently in the Gallery, new handrails for the East Door entrance, new altar carpet and renovation of the existing and safety rail for the Gallery. In addition space is to be made in front of the first pew to allow improved access.

Finances: While monies are donated for specific projects the ongoing issue of shortfall in general funding and Parish giving continues to be a matter of concern and importance. The Finance committee is working on a number of initiatives to appeal to the local community, nonchurchgoers and the regular congregation; it is hoped that planned giving can be widened; fundraising possibilities to be considered further.

Director of Music: Mr Philip Baxter commences as the new Director from January 2019. Many thanks go to Robin Phillips for standing in since the departure of the previous director, Peter Hackston.

Next meeting: 19th February 2019

Secretary Beaulieu PCC ,19.11.18