Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Minutes APCM April 2017


Held 21st April 2017

Annual Vestry Meeting:

Elected Church Wardens Sally Brearley and Peter Melhuish; no other nominations.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting:

Father John gave his report as Chairman.

Electoral Roll: 2017 = 123, 9 added, 3 removed. 43 resident in the parish (35%) 80 are not (65%). To explain purpose of being on the Roll ahead of next year to congregation.

The PCC for 2017/18 were elected, list of names will be on the church notice boards at Beaulieu Abbey Church and Bucklers Hard, and the current group of sidespersons were re-elected for the coming year.

Finances were discussed, the accounts having been available to view in the church previously.

Secretary reported 11 baptisms, 16 weddings, 15 funerals and Memorial services +1 at Bucklers Hard.

The PCC met four times last year, focussed on expanding our welcome and outreach and decisions for maintenance with no major project for the year. Summaries of each meeting are placed on the notice boards and submitted for publication in the Parish News and on the church website.

Deanery Synod meetings reported here and at each PCC meeting.

Mission Action Plan report given to the meeting.

Other reports given included Fabric & Grounds, Church Wardens`, Social committee, Flower team

Short PCC Meeting

The Treasurer and Secretary to be confirmed as re-elected at the first full PCC meeting: Andrew Percy and Carol Mileusnic. Working groups and full list of PCC members` names to be posted on all church noticeboards.

Date of first full PCC Meeting: Thursday 25th May 2017.