Minutes of the PCC Meetings

PCC Meeting held on 27th January

Summary of Beaulieu PCC Meeting held 27th January 2016

In addition to usual committee matters the following were discussed:

Deanery Synod: no meeting to report, next one is 3.3.16

Fabric Report covered these main topics:

The Quinquennial inspection has been carried out and a first report received by the church warden.

Various repairs are required to be completed by the Summer, and a budget for the work is to be obtained. Thanks to the Estate team who assisted at the inspection. Thanks to the Beaulieu Fire Brigade who repaired the bell rope. Parking was discussed, as an issue during foul weather. The Sanctuary Lamp will need a new bulb in due course; a donation for the cost of scaffolding and equipment needed would enable it to be resited also.

Church Organ: work is underway and appears to be on schedule. Recent recitals have raised healthy sums for the Appeal, but there will none during Lent. Future performances to be publicised.

Lent and Easter: full programme of services was discussed and will be publicised.

Lay Ministry: Father John wishes to identify individuals who can assist in Church leadership and to invite them to attend Vocation Service workshop.

The structure and timings of the Abbey Church services were discussed, with no final decisions reached at this stage.

Parish Giving Scheme: presentation on 4th February by Gordon Randall to members of the three PCC`s to explain the scheme, and then to the congregation at the Abbey church in April.

The Annual Vestry meeting will be in the Church Hall Friday 22nd April at 7pm, followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm.

Secretary Beaulieu PCC

February 2016