Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Meeting Held 24th August

Summary of Beaulieu PCC Meeting held 24th August 2015

In addition to usual committee matters the following were discussed:

Deanery Synod Report: Night Stop to be promoted; article to be placed in the Parish News.

P-Map: statement now in place. Work to meet requirements of the plan being met, including Wildlife in the Churchyard project – F Norris.

Fabric Reports covered these main topics:

Gold Altar Frontal: repaired and returned

Brass Processional Cross: repaired and returned.

Organ: Inspection confirmed our Victorian organ requires much work, renovation and cleaning. Fundraising now underway; £1000 raised at recent lunchtime recital; total £4000 raised. Target is £50,000 – S Brearley.

Buttresses: West – to begin September 2015. North – permissions all received, works to begin as soon as possible.

Health and Safety: the toy box will only be unlocked for duration of services, not for public use at other times.

Safeguarding: Rep (J B-C) attended meeting about abuse and reporting of. Next meeting: domestic abuse. General information to be placed on boards and on shelf by steps of East door entrance. Contact for any concerns is Jane Barnicoat-Chongwe.

Licensing Service for our new priest:  17.9.15 at 7.30pm. All details to be communicated in the weekly sheets and during services.

Help for Verger: there are many weddings and funerals in our church and it is hoped that a team can be set up to assist the verger. Also some larger events require more than one person to attend and assist – SB.

Parish News: any changes/developments to be postponed until our new priest in place.

£720 sent to Mission to Seafarers from Sea Sunday collections.

Next meeting: 3rd November 2015.

Secretary Beaulieu PCC