Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Minutes APCM 2015

Summary of APCM and short PCC Meeting held 24.4.15

In addition to usual matters the following were reported:

Deanery Synod Report: Deanery Mission Action Plan was the main emphasis at meetings this year. Two of the three Beaulieu reps are standing down, replacements will be publicised.

Fabric Report covered these main topics:

Heating and new boiler: all working, with adjustments being made during this year to the thermostat. A noticeable difference to the comfort in the church, and damp no longer an issue.

Buttresses West wall – repairs to be carried out, with the cost to be taken from the Preservation Fund

Buttress North end – affecting the condition inside the Vestry; repairs to be carried out by the Estate

New lights Church Hall – lamps were damaged and as replacement bulbs not available new shades fitted. New LED bulbs plus new shades give improved and more efficient lighting in the hall.

Oak Doors – permission refused to use the reclaimed doors for the East Doors as were for internal use only.

Organ – this has been serviced regularly. Now some parts are worn and in need of replacement, also the pipes need to be cleaned properly. A full inspection and new quotes are to be obtained, for this to be discussed at the next PCC meeting.

General maintenance and grounds – ongoing regular tests and maintenance works have been carried out as required

Quinquennial – is due. The only outstanding item is for an assessment of the bell tower; a visit is due shortly.

Interregnum – the Benefice office was moved to the Vestry and church business has been run from there; a small committee was formed to administer day to day business and has met 18 times so far.

Outreach - overseas link with Uganda church and Connection with BeaulieuSchool

Mothers Union – Beaulieu branch closed October 2014. All monies passed to Winchester, and items have been put into store, in case the group can be reformed in the future.

Social Committee – this committee to take on some functions carried out previously by MU. A varied programme of lunches and events held throughout the year. Next event is for The Stroke Club.

Flower Committee – a team of 25 ladies kept the AbbeyChurch looking lovely this year. All festivals marked and wedding and funeral flowers were wonderful. Two flower demonstrations much enjoyed. Donated £500 to Church funds this year.

A short meeting followed for the new PCC: brief discussion regarding pMap; charities for 2015, fundraising and social events for consideration.

The next PCC meeting will be Monday 6th June 2015.

Secretary PCC, April 2015