Minutes of the PCC Meetings

Minutes APCM 2014

The AbbeyChurch of the Blessed Virgin and Holy Child, Beaulieu

Minutes of the Annual Vestry and Parochial Church Meeting

Friday 25th April 2014


Jamie Burton, Jane Cockeram , Mike Dawkins, Caroline Evans,  Gillian Field, Paul Humphries, Sydney Jackson,   Diana Lushington,  Margaret   Marshall,  Annie Melhuish, Peter   Melhuish, Pauline Smith, Jan Hoy, Peter Marling-Roberts, Jill Wrightson,   Christine Dare (for APCM only), Laura Barber, Tony Barber (=18)

Sally Brearley, Frederick Norris, Andrew Percy, Carol   Mileusnic + Revd. Ryc. Smith (Chairman).     

  (Sec  counted 23 + Standing Committee = total   present 28. Sheet passed for all names: not completed)

  The meeting opened with prayer   given by Revd. Ryc. Smith
     Annual Vestry meeting
     Election   Of Church Wardens

Sally Brearley was proposed by Diana Lushington and seconded by Tony   Barber

   Frederick   Norris was proposed by Diana Lushington and seconded by Tony Barber

There being no other   nominations they were both elected for a second year unanimously.

  Ann Moore,   Howard Moore, Margaret Jackson, Sue Nicholas
  4.   Minutes of last meeting, 19th    April 2013

The minutes were read out and accepted   as a true record and signed by Ryc Smith

5. Matters Arising

SB: regarding possibility of   reequipping the kitchen, original planning permission only allowed for tea   and coffee making; at that time for the Sunday School only. National Park not   happy to allow expansion.

TB: do not take this comment to   be final decision of the NPA.

SB: glass in doors is now safe,   as film has been added.


6. Priest in Charge Report

Thanks given to the Church   Wardens for their support and hard work in this busy year. Also to the   Treasurer and the Secretary. Informed the meeting that Carol M will be taking   on the Fees Account. Thanks also to the PCC as a whole and to all who   contribute in so many ways, to Tony Norris, to the Flower group. Grateful to   all the unseen help: the cleaner Debbie Evans, Jackie and John Brown for the   Parish magazine, to the cleaners at Buckler Hard, Tony & Valerie Osborn   and the flower lady at Bucklers Hard, Vicky Playdell-Bouverie.

In two months time there will   be an interregnum. The Church Wardens will not be able to do everything and will   need to delegate and draw on the long experience of those here this evening,   and in the congregation. It is not just those present in church, but the   whole community and parish who matter. Ryc explained that he felt himself to   have been a bridge between the previous vicar who was here for many years and   the next incumbent.

 7.   Electoral Roll, MM:

The new roll has 109 members (111 in 2013). 1 died, 1 joined, 2 moved   away.

Of these 109,       48 are resident   in the parish            44%

                               61 are resident outside the parish  56%


8. Report on PCC proceedings, CM:

In 2013 the following weddings,   baptisms and funerals took place:

18 Weddings & 1 Blessing at   Beaulieu, 2 at Bucklers Hard

20 Baptisms at Beaulieu, 2 at B   Hard, 6 Funeral services and 4 Memorial services


Regarding the procedures of the   PCC over the last year:

16 members   on the PCC including the priest in charge. The PCC met 5 times this year with   an average attendance of 50%.  (June   -13, Aug -12, Oct -7, Jan - 8, Mar - 12)

In addition   to these meetings, other events attended included the discussion led by Phil   Dykes (Adult Ed Officer) at the church hall after the Ascension Day service   in May, and a meeting on behalf of the PCC with the Archdeacon following   this. Also Messy Church, Deanery Synod meetings and a Day Conference in   February at Dibden Purlieu regarding outreach and local initiatives.

Much of PCC   business dealt with the heating project and other important decisions   regarding the church building and the hall; covered by the Church Wardens in   their reports.

Charities   and Fundraising: First meeting of the new PCC will decide which charities are   to be supported in the coming year.

Outreach is   another important area discussed along with the question of how to attract   more people into our church and make them welcome. To be considered in coming   year; time will be made to discuss both issues properly. All ideas will be   welcome.

Parish   Profile is to be compiled, to incorporate hopes for the future and  way forward for this parish

Minutes have   been issued to PCC members as soon as practical after each meeting, and a   summary placed on the notice board for all to read, including date of the   next PCC meeting.

DL: asked   whether possible to report PCC meetings in the Parish news. SB: also, to   feature on the website when recreated.

CM: agreed   to forward summary of PCC Minutes for publication in the Parish News.


9. Financial Statements, AP:

PCC members previously received copies of   the Accounts, in addition copies available at this meeting.

Ran through the accounts and   explained changes from last year. Giving declined slightly but good news is   that the Revenue now allows us to recover up to any additional £1250 on cash   donations not Gift Aided. Still important to encourage gift aiding for any   donations as the extra tax refund is limited to receipts of £5000 in the tax   year. This includes money from the red box.

During the year specific   projects were funded by special donation and funds from the Flower committee,   Mothers Union, and the Social committee. These projects were the New Cross,   moving the Madonna and Child, new tables and chairs and some kitchen   equipment.

To the end of the year £21,000 had   been raised for new heating system. Subsequently raised £13,000 leaving shortfall   of close to £15,000; this assumes we are able to recover @ £16,000 of VAT.

Income from investments - this   year income received by the Preservation Fund is included on the front page,   previously this had only appeared on p4. Not all  income has been kept in the Preservation Fund   as £474 included in repairs & maintenance has been charged to the fund.   Income from trading has increased by 24%.

Cost of cleaning the War Memorial   charged to the War Memorial Fund, and the income less the relevant expenses   has been allocated to the Preservation Fund leaving a shortfall on the   General Fund of £8015.

Page 2 shows where the church’s   money has gone. Money donated to charities from collections is not included   but only shown as a memo at the bottom of the page. Parish Share has   increased by 2.79% and repairs and maintenance has increased by £3500. Of the   £21,063 raised for the new heating system £12,870 was spent on fees and the   remaining £8193 was transferred to the heating fund.

Page 3 is the balance sheet,   which shows where money is and how represented by the various funds. Movement   on the fund is shown on p4. We only have £60,000 as cash funds but we will   need at least £90,000 to pay for the heating including VAT so some shares in   the C/E investment fund will need to be sold to cover the shortfall.

During the next year it is   likely that the General Fund will be reduced further and we will have to   restrain our expenditure where possible.

Appendix A has an extra column   (Z) showing charitable donations as a result of fund raising activities.

Page 4 shows movement in the   various funds that we have allocated our money to.

P5 Bucklers Hard Chapel - This   has been a better year with income up over £1000. Consequently not only has   last year’s deficit been recovered but the contribution to the Benefice   expenses has been increased by £500.

P6 & 7 - standard pages   required to be included with the numbers. Many thanks to Sara Steele for agreeing   to examine the accounts.

Supported by Geoff Powell and Brian   Lappin throughout the year: AP proposed thanks to both for their invaluable   help; general agreement given.

Thanks expressed to Mike Dawkins and to Bryan   Collins for dealing with the Gift Aid receipts and the Inland Revenue for   these. Also to Sara Steele the independent examiner.



10 Annual Fabric Report, SB:

Personal thanks given to Paul Humphries and   Tony Norris for their valuable help throughout the past year.

Quinquennial – due next 2015, important to   keep on top of this.

                              Beggars latch   and Cloister doors now oiled and waxed; do not close as hinges very old.

                              Electrical   survey & Bell   tower safety check needed this year.

                              Floor tiles and   buttress works outstanding (budget will be required)

                              New railings   fitted to side boundary; grateful to Beaulieu estate for this work

                              Gallery to   remain out of bounds unless permission given

Faculties – Permission to dispose of rush   chairs and purchase 50 new chairs and tables for church hall. These to  

                    remain in the church   hall. Chairs from hall now in Gallery where they will stay.

                    Permission to move   Madonna and Child to West wall, install new Cross (wood from old War

                   Memorial   by James Morley). Need to apply for postponement of conservation work to the   Madonna,

                    not needed at this time.

                    Permission to upgrade   heating. Only outstanding: awaiting variance    to allow enclosure of pipe work  

                    in the corridor. Heating   will be on continually for the present, to ensure correct running and to

                    monitor efficiency and   cost effectiveness. Ensure all doors are kept closed now.

                    Awaiting approval for   resiting of Sanctuary Lamp and improved lighting from Deputy Chancellor.

                    Refused permission: no   work possible on salvaged oak doors from St ThomasChurch;   have paid for

                      and received planning   Permission for this (lasts two years).

Health and Safety – Ensure the following   are kept locked: gate to Pulpit, gate to Chancel , gate to Gallery Chapel,

                                     plus   rope across bottom of those stairs. (For keys see SB.)

                                       Draft policy is to be completed and approved   by the PCC in due course.

Routine Maintenance – Drainage gullies,   vegetation from walls, PAT tests, emergency alarm test, boiler service

                                      (due 11.2014, by Clarke`s) Chubb fire   extinguisher test, War Memorial cleaning (5 -7 years)

                                       organ service. This last not possible at   present as estimated cost to clean is @£17-20,000.

                                       PCC should give thought to   creation of an Organ Fund.

Grounds – Thanks to the following: Tony   Norris and Mike Dawkins, to Peter & Annie Melhuish for attending to

                    memorial stones and   keeping the edging neat, Keith Turgoose, Andrew and Alison Percy.

A statement of Significance has been   compiled, to be checked annually, so can be used when applying for grants in   the future.

Clipboard will be left in prominent   position for any faults/repairs required etc to be noted.

After Sally`s report Ryc handed a bouquet   of flowers to her and a gift to Paul Humphries and thanks, which all were   pleased to approve.


11. Reports of Sub committees

a. Deanery Synod, CD:

The tone and emphasis has changed at the   meetings, the new Deanery Mission Action Plan will be put into action, very   important to see this through as will affect this church. Should be   considered a positive move. The timetable over the next year:

                                Main   focus – the church in the bigger context, be generous with our Faith and   outward looking

                                Re imaging   the Church – how do we adapt to the future

                                Consider   particular groups, children, families, older generation.

                                Good practice in church

                                Social   transformation.

Input will be required from not only the   PCC but the congregation as a whole.

JC: This is at the review stage at present,   but do not be afraid to do things differently. Plan being put together to   take to the Deanery meeting in June. By December we should be acting upon it.


      b. Church Warden’s Report, FN:
  Attendances and services
    2012 2013  
  Service Total Communicants Total Communicants    
  Easter 241 200 227 158    
  Christmas 521 203 442 190    


Typical Sunday Services average: at Beaulieu and Bucklers   Hard = 65

Attendance over Christmas was increased, with the amateur   dramatics in the Christmas Eve service helping in some modest way. Such   events could be made more of, and is an opportunity to evangelise

SB: thanks to Laura B, Ruth Crouch, Peter M

SB&FN: Appeal to everyone to help however they can to run   the parish in the future. Suggested a sub-committee be set up for the Mission   Action Plan. The Archdeacon has said that life here goes on as normal during   the Interregnum. The six Wardens from the Benefice will be meeting the   Archdeacon in East Boldre on 6th June 2014   for a discussion on the way ahead.

c. Mothers Union, JW:

There are 19 members, with 13 attending regularly due to   age or illness. MU is struggling across the New Forest   area for these reasons also, and there are fewer children and deprived   families in their areas. The meeting in Bath   earlier in the year was attended by 2000. Will be hosting the Deanery meeting   here, to discuss the future then. If this group wishes to carry on may have   to consider merging with another group.

£456 sent to the MU for subscription rate, £350 to   Beaulieu Abbey church for the new chairs, £400 given to overseas projects. A   donation also to the Air Ambulance, and to The Stoneham Womens Refuge of £125.13.

There was a varied programme  throughout  the year; the banner taken to the parade for   Ladies Day at St Johns    Church, Hythe and will   be taken to the Festival Service at Winchester Cathedral.

Thanks to Sally B and Tony Norris for helping so regularly   with moving furniture for their meetings.



d. Social Committee, JH:

St Patricks Day lunch very popular and the hot meal much   appreciated. Noted comments about use of the kitchen however. Sunday 8th   June is date for the BBQ in the Rectory garden, tickets available soon (and   later the same day will be the Sea Sunday service at B Hard). 13th October is   date for Harvest Supper in the Domus.

RC: thanks to Jan for all her work, and especially for the   enjoyable supper last October.


e. Flower Committee, PS:

The Flower Festival last year with the theme “For all the   Saints” was a great success. All local and user groups were allocated a saint   and many innovative and entertaining displays were produced. Of particular   note: the display by the Choir, each member represented in floral form was   enjoyed by everyone. There were musical interludes throughout, and refreshments   provided by Annie Melhuish. It was noted that Life imitated Art as Radio 4`s   Archers ran the same event with the same theme at the same time.

Of the 18 weddings held in the AbbeyChurch   the Flower committee provided flowers for 13, resulting in a donation to the   church of £3000. Total income over the period was £7445, with a balance at   the end of the year of £573.28. Many thanks to the weekly team and to Sally   B, Jo Cooke-Curle and Maureen Medley. In future

Jo C-C will be dealing with wedding flowers. Thanks also   to Mrs Sheila Murphin for her work throughout the year and to Peter Melhuish   for his assistance.

On 17th May Mr & Mrs Wells will open their   garden at Abbey Springs to raise money towards the heating project, with   cream teas organised by Annie M. People are needed to man the gate; no   general advertising for security issues, but posters will be out on the day.   Parking to be on the field at the top of Beaulieu hill.

Final thanks for a much improved book stand at the back of   the church to Gillian Field, and to Margaret Marshall.


    12. Elections

a. Deanery Synod   Representatives :

     Jane Cockeram, Christine   Dare and Sue Nicholas re elected. (JC   & CD since 2011, SN since 2012)

     Proposed by Pauline Smith   and seconded by Sydney Jackson


b. PCC members, for   the next three years:

     Carol Mileusnic, Mike Dawkins   and Peter Marling-Roberts (the   last for one more year potentially)

     Proposed   by  Laura Barber and seconded by Caroline   Evans                             

All elected.

One co-opted member: Peter   Hackston Director of Music.


   c. Matters   for Discussion at Future Meetings:

      Question read on behalf of Howard Moore   regarding twinning with a church in Rwanda. RC replied that contact

      has been made with a potential link, and   spoken with the Bishop of Kigali about this.

     To be discussed at future meeting.   JH: Beaulieu linked with Uganda.  


    PH:   consider work needed to regrout white tiles.

    SJ:   as a matter of clarification, not for future meetings: the original £50,000   for heating works was never an

    estimate; only an illustration for the   accounts to show as a record.


   d. Appointment of Independent Examiner

   Sara Steele Proposed by Sydney Jackson and seconded by Sally Brearley.




The meeting finished with The Grace at 9.15pm

First PCC meeting of year: 7pm Tuesday 27th May 2014