Random photos of parish life.

Ballard School Concert

Ballard School Concert Beaulieu Abbey Church  10th July 2017

For the third year running the Abbey Church was privileged to host  the Senior Musicians Classical Concert.

The staff and pupils particularly enjoy performing in the wonderful acoustics of building.  It was a challenging programme demonstrating the talents of soloists, ensembles, choirs and orchestra;  thoroughly enjoyed by the appreciative audience.

On Thursday 33 of the Ballard Senior Musicians and Alumni set off for Spain where they will give performances in Monserrat Abbey,  Barcelona Cathedral and an open-air venue in Vilassar De Mar.  We wish them a safe and happy experience. 

2017 Ballard School


Sea Sunday 2017


Reverend John MacCrae and Father John White

1 sea sun 2017


Listening to Father John White

2 sea sun 20017


The Beaulieu Band and the Beaulieu Abbey Choir

3 sea sun 2017

Listening to the Reading

4 sea sun 2017



Inside Rouen Cathedral

rsz 11lescalier rouen

An exciting view of L'escalier libraires in Rouen Cathedral