Random photos of parish life.

Flowers for Easter 2019

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Many thanks to ten very talented people!

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Spring flowers atop the Font

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On Easter Saturday morning, the stark simplicity of the stripped altar provideds a backdrop for the Easter Garden

and a simple table shelters the bowl for washing feet, and eggs waiting for eager children! 

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More Spring flowers, this time decorating the entry to the Chancel

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Final touches to the Flowers atop the Pedestal,

to the east of the choir stalls within the Chancel

Palm Sunday 2019




The first hymn, in the grounds of Beaulieu Primary School

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 On through the village to the Beaulieu Garage



Into the garage front display area...


Then to the Timbrells, a grassy area overlooking the Beaulieu River


One last hyman on the grassy sward, and then

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Over the road, back to the Abbey Church, the new Jerusalem for a day!

Men's Breakfast

Men's Breakfast at the Turf Cutters.

The speaker was John Pocket, who gave a talk about Honeypot.

A charity working to enhance the lives of young carers in the UK, aged from 5 to 12 years old.

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