Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding at Beaulieu Abbey Church????

Getting Married in Beaulieu Abbey Church

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I get married in Beaulieu Abbey Church?

Maybe!  Please understand that firstly, you must have a connection with the Beaulieu Abbey Church.

 The list of possible ways of being connected are:

 One of the couple concerned:

  • was baptised in the parish; or
  • has been confirmed and the confirmation has been entered in a church register book belonging to the parish. (This would have been done on the basis that the person concerned was prepared for confirmation in the parish); or
  • has at any time had his or her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or
  • has at any time habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;


That person’s parent has at any time during the person’s lifetime:

  • had his or her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or
  • habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;


  • that person’s parent or grandparent was married in the parish.

(In this list references to being baptised, confirmed or married, or attending public worship, all refer to Church of England services.) 

If none of these apply to you, then you must form your own connection by attending services twice a month for at least 6 months before your Banns of Marriage are due to be read which could be up to 3 months before your wedding.  This is the most frequent means of 'connection' with the Abbey Church.  All such wedding couples are warmly welcomed as members of the congregation.

  1. When can we get married?

If you already have a connection with the church, and you are both British, then you can be married after three months (subject to availability).

If you are planning to become a regular attender in order to have a connection with the church, then you must leave at least nine months between the date that you start attending Beaulieu Abbey Church, and your wedding date.  We never have weddings on Sundays.

  1. What are the legal aspects?

In marriage you take on a whole new legal status and this can have many benefits.

To ensure the marriage complies with both UK Civil and Church law, there are certain aspects of a church wedding that must be fulfilled.

  • Changes to marriage legislation - Although new same sex marriage legislation is now in force, it remains the case that it is not legally possible for same sex couples to marry in the Church of England.
  • Reading of Banns - Most Church of England marriages will require banns to be published before the wedding can take place, both in the church where the wedding will take place, and in the home parish church of the bride and groom if different.
  • If there is not enough notice given for the banns to be read before the marriage is due to take place, or in the case of the marriage of people whose nationality is not British, or if one or both of you do not live in England, it is recommended that the Licence procedure be used rather than banns. Depending upon your circumstances, this MAY take quite a while.
  • You must be old enough - If you are under 18 years old you will need your parents' consent to marry and by law you can not be married in the UK until you are 16.
  • Time of wedding - To be legal the wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm on any day.
  • Guidelines for divorcees - There are special guidelines on marriage in the church if you are divorced. There may well be a way forward, but you will need to talk your Vicar about your situation to explore the possibilities for you before you can make a booking.
  1. What does it cost?

The basic cost of a wedding in Beaulieu Abbey Church in 2019 is £689. (This includes the non-refundable deposit of £100 made at the time of booking). This also includes three meetings with the Rector, use of the church for a rehearsal and on the day, and for the marriage service the Rector, a verger, heat and light. There are optional extras like flowers, choir and paying the organist more if you make a video or a recording of the wedding.

  1. What do we have to do to arrange a marriage?

If you think you would like to go ahead to arrange a marriage in Beaulieu Abbey Church then you must contact the Abbey Church Office.  We would strongly advise you first, to visit the Church website ( ) where there are links to other Anglican sites.  Time in careful preparation is seldom wasted!!!

If, after careful study, you decide that you would like to explore further  the option of getting married in Beaulieu, we would prefer your initial contact with us to be via E mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Specifically, we would want to know in this first email, Names of prospective bride and groom, Dates of Birth, Contact details (addresses, home and mobile telephone numbers, Contact email addresses), Intended date of your wedding (where known)  and

You may also like to know our contact telephone number: 01590 612242.  The number is often unmanned, so an answer phone is in use, but we do monitor it frequently and will get back to you.

Whether or not you are eventually married in Beaulieu Abbey Church or not, we send our very best wishes to all engaged couples contemplating matrimony.

Father John C White, Rector

Sally Brearley, Church Warden (until 31 March 2019)

Peter J Melhuish, Church Warden

Margaret Marshall, Benefice Administrator