Church Notices

A star in memory of a loved one, at St Katharine's, Exbury

Please take a star that is available at the rear of the Church.

You are then invited to write your personal dedication and hang your star on our Christmas Tree.  This will remain in place for the duration of the festive season.

Happy Christmas from all at St Katharine's


Christmas Services

Christmas services in Beaulieu Abbey Church, St Katherine's Church Exbury, St Paul's Church East Boldre and The Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary Buckler's Hard.


Sunday  17 th December  ADVENT 3

6.00pm         Abbey Church                Carol Service


Saturday 23rd December

6.00pm         St Paul’s, East Boldre      Carol Service  


Sunday  24th   December  ADVENT 4  CHRISTMAS EVE

8.00am         Buckler’s Hard                Holy Communion

No 9.30am service in the Abbey Church

11.15am        St Katharine’s, Exbury   Carol Service

4.00pm          Abbey Church                Crib Service

11.30pm        Abbey Church                Midnight Mass


Monday 25th December  CHRISTMAS DAY

8.00am         Buckler’s Hard                Holy Communion


11.15am      St Paul’s East Boldre       SHORT HOLYCOMMUNION SERVICE WITH CAROLS 

Winchester Cathedral Advent Procession

On Saturday 2nd December Father John, together with a group from our Benefice, travelled to Winchester Cathedral to join other worshipers for the Advent Procession which begins the annual celebration of the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ.
The Cathedral was full and the service started in darkness, mirroring the journey from the darkness of sorrow and death into the light of Christ’s dawning Kingdom of justice and joy.
The choir began the service with the Advent Prose followed by the Bidding Prayer by the Dean:
as we enter eager and expectant, into this solemn season of Advent, looking forward to the birth of the Christ child, let us renew in ourselves that vision of God’s perfect kingdom which is the end of all our strivings and the consummation of God’s loving purposes for us………………………
The service continued with the seven Advent Antiphons sung by the Lay Clerks and Choristers, interspersed with readings, prayers and well known congregational hymns. Candles were lit progressively until the building was bathed in flickering candle light.
Towards the end of the service the Choir sang the words from Luke’s Gospel :
How shall this be, seeing I know not a man ?
Hail, thou that art highly favoured,
The Lord is with thee:
Blessed art though among women….’
To the haunting and wonderful music of John Taverner
As the service progressed towards its end we heard the words of Revelation ‘Christ will come once again in Glory’ read by the Bishop of Basingstoke…. The Collect for Advent was read by the Dean and as the Cathedral lights came on  all the candles were extinguished. The service finished with the glorious  Advent hymn by Charles Wesley  Lo, he comes with cloud descending’.
What a wonderful way to start the Advent season….. 
This was a really uniquely different and very moving way to lead us into Advent and the Christmas Festival.
Our coach took us and brought us back to Beaulieu in warmth and comfort…. and there were lots of spare seats ! Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience in 2018.

John Hughes   


Thanks from St Katharine's of Exbury

" The PCC of St Katharine's Church wish to thank everyone who supported us by coming to our recent Autumn Fayre on the 18th of November.

It was wonderful to see so many there enjoying what was a fabulous afternoon. The event raised £1,350 towards the maintenance of the church."

Veronica House

Planned Giving at the Abbey Church

During the 9.30 service in the Abbey Church this coming Sunday, Peter will give a short talk on the advantages of organising your regular giving to the Abbey church, via the Church of England'd Planned G|iving Scheme.  The main points of the talk are given below:-

A talk on the Finances of the Abbey Church:  Sunday Nov 26, 2017

  1. We are fortunate to worship in an ancient but sound and beautiful Church, within a wealthy and generous community. Look around at the new Altar Frontal, the heating system, the organ and the overall condition of the both Abbey Church and Church Hall
  2. We also have ample reserves, built up by frugal spending over many years
  3. However, we as a congregation have a duty to meet annual running expenses; our annual spend is now over £100,000, or £2,000 every week.
  4. Our “planned giving” is a critically important part of our income (about 55% of it) and the rest of this short talk concerns just that. Could I ask you to consider two actions that may help us. 
  5. Firstly, if you pay UK tax, please ensure that you Gift Aid all your donations to the Abbey Church.
  6. If you have not yet done so, please consider the Parish Giving scheme. Essentially, rather than placing cash in the collection envelope, or making bank payments direct to the Abbey Church, you decide on a monthly (or quarterly or annual) amount that you wish to give, and  give that to the Scheme via a Direct Debit.  Remember, this is very easily altered (up, down or deleted) whenever you wish to do so.  Only if you choose to do so, your gift can also be automatically adjusted each year, based upon inflation.
  7. There are so many claims on our spare cash! But it would help us a great deal if you were to consider how much you can readily afford, and gift that via regular payment through the Parish Giving scheme to the Abbey Church. 
  8. I entirely understand that, for some parishioners, this is less attractive than giving via the traditional collection bag. This will always be an option for you, and we are very grateful to you all who give in this way.  If you do contribute via Planned Giving, we do have some counters which can be placed in the Collection Bag as a gesture (to yourself)
  9. But we move rapidly towards a cashless society, and the Parish Giving scheme is an efficient and very cost effective way for parishioners to contribute to the running expenses of ‘their’ church, after deciding how much they can afford.
  10. There are pamphlets at the back of the Church, and members of the Finance Committee (including Mike Dawkins, John Hughes and Mick Wigfield as well as our Treasurer Andrew Percy and Wardens, Sally Brearley and myself) are always available to help.