Church Notices

The Crossings

At its recent meeting in early November, the Beaulieu Abbey Church PCC heard an explanation by John Hughes of the activities of The Crossings; an initiative aimed at assisting any in our area who are combating homelessness.  The PCC unanimously agreed to devote its Crib Service (Christmas Eve) collection to The Crossings. 

Staff at The Crossings have recently launched a website, whose url is  Due to some privacy issues, I have not been able to provide a clickable link for the moment.  However, if you copy this url and then paste it into your browser, this will (believe me!!)  take you to their website where full information is provided both on what The Crossings is striving to achieve, and what we as individuals can do the support it.

As Christmas approaches, and as this cold and wet weather continues, the plight of the homeless becomes even more serious.  We do actively encourage your support.

Shift in Venue for Wednesday Morning Holy Communion service

The Holy Communion service at 10.30 am on Wednesday, December 18 will be held NOT in the Abbey Church, but in the Bucklers Hard Chapel.  This move is caused by the use of the Abbey Church by the Beaulieu Primary School, as they have their Dress Rehearsal in the morning, and the final performance in the evening.

If any one reading notice this would like transport to this service, please ring Peter Melhuish on 02381788034.

An Important Mistake in the Monthy Magazine

Christmas Services

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, we goofed!

There is an important error in the timetable of Christmas Services listed in the Monthly Magazine issue for December and January 2019 / 20..

The omission suggests that there would be no service at Bucklers Hard on Christmas Day at 8.00 am.  Of course, there will be the usual Holy Communion, a said version from the Book of Common Prayer!!   All are welcome to this service; a traditional way for many of us to start Christmas Day.

Remembrance Sunday 2019

Remembrance Day, 2019


Beaulieu Abbey Church was filled this morning (Remembrance Sunday) by over two hundred worshippers, including around forty members of the 3rd New Forest East Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  In a manner similar to that of many Churches and communities throughout the nation, prayers, hymns, readings, the National Anthem and an address were shared in the Abbey Church itself. Then the congregation moved to the village War Memorial (in our case, located in the Churchyard), where the names of the fallen were read out, a two minute silence was kept, wreaths were laid and a short service of ‘re-dedication’ was shared.


The congregation included both serving and retired members of the Army and Navy, members of the Beaulieu Volunteer Fire Brigade, members of the Beavers, Cubs and Scout movements and the Beaulieu Abbey Church Choir (supplemented by Chorale). Click on this link, to see photos of the event, taken by Sophie and Jamie Burton (to whom many thanks)


During the service in the Abbey Church, the Choir sung an anthem, which used the following words by Peter Aston

So they gave their bodies to the Commonwealth

and received praise that will never die

and a home in the minds of men.

Their story lives on without visible symbol

woven into the stuff of other men's lives


During the ‘Act of Re-Dedication’, the following prayer was said:-


Merciful God, we offer to you the fears in us that have not been cast out by love:

may we accept the hope that you have placed in the hearts of all people,

and live lives of justice, courage and mercy:

through Jesus Christ our risen Redeemer.


The Inaugural bike ride

Today, Saturday November 9, was scheduled as the inaugural bike ride for the newly formed Beaulieu Abbey Church Activity Group (BACAG to its friends).  Unfortunately, the day started fine but rapidly deteriorated, and the Convenor (John Hughes) decided that the event should be postponed. 

True to his commitment to his position, John cycled all the way from Dibden Purlieu to the Abbey Church, simply to ensure that news of the postponement had reached all those who had registered for the ride.  And a good thing he did!  Far from finding no-one there, John was met by his namesake, Father John, dressed for bad weather, and ready to ride!!

However, a very few drops of rain soon deterred these apparent stalwarts, who cycled all the way from the Abbey Church to the Old Bakery at the foot of Beaulieu High Street, a distance of at least 250 metres. Intrepid indeed! A photograph recording this ride for posterity can be viewed by clicking here.

Further activities of BACAG will be announced on this web site. A walking group as well as a cycling group are planned. All are welcome, whatever the weather!