Church Notices



UPDATED 24th November 2021


Father John and the Churchwardens met on 24th November 2021 to review the current recommendations from the Church of England and Government.

Vaccination cannot be the sole means of containing the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, social distancing, face-coverings and good ventilation are also important factors in lessening the spread of the disease.”

Taking into account those recommendations and current numbers of infections we have decided that:

  • Face coverings will be required for anyone entering one of the churches within this Benefice (unless medically exempt)
  • Hand sanitiser will be used on entry
  • No seat coverings will be available (people may bring their own cushions)
  • Numbers in church will be limited. For Bucklers Hard Chapel no more than 12 in the congregation. For St. Paul’s and St. Katharine’s please book with the Churchwardens. In the Abbey Church no more than 130 for any service or concert and seats MUST be booked in advance. The exception is the Nativity Service on Christmas Eve when ADULT numbers are limited to 110. We will require to know the number of children attending and most will be asked to sit on laps.
  • The church will be sanitised after every service.
  • Toilets should be used ONLY in an emergency.
  • Ventilation is required. In the Abbey Church doors will be open to create a flow of air so please wrap up warmly.
  • In the Abbey Church to allow social distancing the pews will not be full. i.e. 5 people only in a 6 seater pew, 3 in a 4 seater pew.

to book seats email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 







When open to the general public, either from the East door or via the Cloisters :-

  1. Signs asking visitors to take care on the uneven floors and steps
  2. Gates to pulpit, chancel and gallery to be locked and rope barrier across the gallery stairs
  3. No lighted candles when no steward present.
  4. Church locked at 4pm in winter (GMT) and 5pm in summer (BST)
  5. Doors to Choir vestry and Vicars vestry locked unless occupied
  6. If using a ladder for any purpose there must be one other person present



  1. Both exit doors, i.e. North Glass doors and East Main Door must be unlocked.
  2. A standard Safety Announcement (from laminated card) must be made before the concert/service starts if the majority of attendees are not familiar with the building. Not necessary before normal services.
  3. Push chairs and wheelchairs must NOT be stored in the side aisles during services/concerts
  4. People wearing stiletto heels should be advised to take care of the heating grills on the floor.
  5. If accessing the pulpit and pulpit stairs flat shoes only to be worn
  6. A named person from the church to ‘manage’ concerts/events, to be present at all times
  7. Emergency lights checked monthly
  8. Especial care is needed when entering from bright sunlight, especially if wearing glasses that darken.
  9. First Aid provision should be made for any concert/service involving members of the public.
  10. If people enter using walking poles they MUST have rubber ferrules covering the metal spike (s)( otherwise they have NO grip on uneven surfaces and can catch in the heating grills).



  1. Gallery to be kept locked with ‘beggars latch’ at all times unless in use for service/concert.
  2. Chairs in the gallery may not be brought into the body of the church, only under specific permission of a churchwarden or the sacristan.
  3. Access to the roof hatch only via a scaffold tower which must be assembled by trained technicians
  4. When the gallery is in use a named steward should sit up there.


  1. Hall, disabled toilet and kitchen to be kept locked when not in use
  2. Hot water heater to be ‘on’ only when kitchen in use
  3. Access to the Mezzanine only with permission from a member of the Fabric Committee and two people must be present
  4. Permission to store articles in the Mezzanine only given by churchwarden.
  5. Child safety covers to electric sockets
  6. Cleaning products to be kept raised, First Aid kit to be checked 6 monthly or after use.
  7. When Hall used by an outside body i.e. Polling Station, Music at Beaulieu the Administrator must have a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and they must sign a Hire Agreement.
  8. Two Smoke Detectors, 1) outside kitchen and 2) in mezzanine to be fitted and checked monthly.
  9. NO candles may be used in the Hall, kitchen or toilets. The EXCEPTION is candles lit on a birthday cake.

10. Wheelchair, stored in Disabled Toilet, is for use in emergencies only. It is heavy . If anyone wishes to borrow it , for instance to get between a car and their seat in the church, the user should provide the ‘pusher’. Pushing the chair up and down the ramps could hurt the back of the person pushing the chair.



The gravel drive across Church Meadow and in front of the two gates to the church and hall must be kept clear at all times. This is the nearest point of access for Emergency vehicles i.e. Fire Engine and Ambulance.


Policy agreed at the P.C.C. meeting ………24th November 2021……………

Priest in Charge……………Reverend John Cooper White……………………

Church Warden……………Sally Brearley…………………………………………