Church Notices

Remembrance Sunday, November 8, 2020

Plans for the Remembrance Sunday Memorial Service

The Churchyard of Beaulieu Abbey Church,

Sunday November 8, 2020  

This year’s Remembrance service will inevitably be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the regulations that follow that.  Indeed, at the time of updating this page (October 22, just two and a half weeks away), a large number of uncertainties remain. Detailed planning may continue right up to the event itself!!  But there are already some indicators which seem fairly clear (but are by no means 'cast in concrete'):-

  • The service will be held entirely outside, with the War Memorial as its focus. There will be no covered accommodation
  • It will be a short service. Likely start time will be between 10.30 and  10.45.
  • We plan that the Beaulieu Band (albeit restricted to six musicians) will be present.  At present, we hope that they will play traditional hymns, and that those attending within Church Meadow may sing the words printed on the Order of Service.
  • Masks will need to be worn, except when contributing to the service by speaking at the microphone
  • Wreaths will be laid
  • A collection will be taken on behalf of the Royal British Legion
  • Social distancing will be required
  • We had hoped that there would be provision for the disabled to attend within the Churchyard area, but it now seems more likely that we will allocate some specific car parking spaces for them in Church Meadow, and ask that they attend remaining in their cars
  • We plan to limit the number of cars allowed to access Church Meadow, with instructions to all occupants that they remain either in their cars and listen to the service, or possibly exit their cars but remain on the driver's side of the vehicle and within a metre of the vehicle, thus maintaining social distancing.

This Church Notice will be used to inform all possible attendees of arrngements as they are agreed.  Please look at it frequently, especially in the days closest to November 8.  There may well be changes enforced by government or Diocesan regulations.  If in doubt, please contact the undersigned, by email.

Many thanks for your patience

Peter J Melhuish

Church Warden (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)