Church Notices

Notice of the Annual Meetings Oct 6, 2020

All Church of England parishes are required to have two annual meetings.  In the first of these, a Meeting of Parishioners, the only item of business is the election of Churchwardens.  All members on the Parish Electoral Roll, together with all residents in the parish may vote.  After this (often very short) meeting, there is the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which is in effect an AGM for the Church.

Due to the imposition of nationwide 'LockDown' in March 2020, all arranged annual meetings of this type were cancelled.  After the recent easing of restrictions on meetings, the Beaulieu APCMs (Annual Parish and Church Meeetings) have been scheduled to take place on Tuesday October 6 in the Abbey Church, starting at 6.30 pm.

The  Agenda is available on this website, at;

The Minutes of the Previous Meeting (in March 2019) are also available on this website at