Church Notices

Palm Sunday during 'lock down'

This morning we marked the beginning of Holy Week, In our household we followed Fr John’s suggestion, and fashioned small Palm Sunday crosses made from twigs found in the garden, tied together with a palm leaf.

At 9.30 we walked around our very small garden, pausing and saying the words “ Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest”.

 Palm Sunday crosses

This was followed by joining together with Bishop Tim and Sally Dakin ( as we took part in the very special Palm Sunday Service broadcast from the Chapel at Wolvesey (the Bishop’s palace Winchester). This service can be watched at any time, simply by following the link as above.

I have followed quite a few of the services that are available on line, but this one from Wolvesey, really is very good, simply done, with the hymns and liturgy displayed for all to join in. This really has lifted our spirits in these very challenging times.

When we think of what we as a nation and as a world are facing right now, can we perhaps think of it as our own `Holy Time’ a time of pain, sorrow, tears as well as joy and unknown challenges and yet a time that will certainly pass, just as the days leading to our Lord’s crucifixion passed leading to that glorious Sunday, that first Easter, when Jesus appeared to Mary , Our risen Lord… the hope of the world to come.