Church Notices

Plans for Worship at Home

For the first Sunday in living memory, there are to be no Church services for the UK community.  The COVID-90 virus has certainly made its mark on our spiritual life.

However, there are alternative means of worship, and this short note suggests some.

1 the Church of England web site provides a number of options for single or small group worship.  Follow the link (  to the Church of England page and then click on 'Worship at Home.  Consider the two alternative liturgies presented there.

2  We have uploaded a clip of Fr John at the Abbey Church altar, offering the words of the peace, and consecrating the bread and the wine. This is available on the Home page of this website.The Eucharistic Prayer is specially for Mothering Sunday, although, as directed by the Archbishops, there are no public services

Even though there will be no public worship in our churches until further notice, both the radio and television offer several possibilities. Do consider tuning into one of them:

3  BBC Radio Solent's 'Songs of Praise' - every Sunday from 6-8am.

4  BBC Radio 4 at 8.10am Sunday. Worship this Sunday comes from Lambeth Palace with Archbishop Justin Welby.

5  On BBC 1 at 11.45am The Dean leads worship for Mothering Sunday from St Davids Cathedral.

6  At 1.15pm there is a Mothering Sunday 'Songs of Praise'.

7 Over the years, on their frequent absences from the UK, Peter and Annie Melhuish have often turned to an American programme, 'Hour of Praise' with Pastor Bobby Schuler.  It is a different form of worshp to those we ae used to, but the music is great and the message is wholly Christian.  Hour of Power is available on Freeview Channel Number 65, or via the web site, at


These are extraordinary times, and we are endeavouring to rise to the challenge, and do things in different ways, even if out of our comfort zone - vis-a-vis technology! Jane has uploaded some prayers this week, and they will be updated regularly. If you have specific causes for prayer do please let me know, and I can pray them during Morning and Evening Prayer in the Abbey Church.

Do please keep in touch and up to date via the benefice website. If you need to - ring me. Keep smiling and keep well. Love and prayers, FJ