Church Notices

A new Crib for Christmas 2019

2019 Christmas in the Abbey Church saw the unveiling of a splendid Nativity scene, located under the High Altar of the Abbey Church in Beaulieu. Mainly the work of Derek Hewitt and Mike Dawkins, the scene brought reality to the birth of Jesus Christ, and was much appreciated by families and children. 

There are two photographs in the Gallery in the website, showing the Crib installed.  Both can be viewed by (click here) 

The first shows the extent of the Nativity Scene.   Subtle back lighting was achieved by the use of LED strings, and the right hand rear panel depicts an Eastern village scene

The second shows staff 'putting the Final Touches'.  Verger Derek Hewitt places candles under the Altar (electronic ones for fear of infringing Health and Safety regulations rearding fire).  Sacristan Tony Norris tends to the requriements of the imminent Holy Communion service.

The Crib certainly appeared to be an excellent addition to the meaningful nature of the decoration of the Abbey Church