Church Notices

The Crossings

At its recent meeting in early November, the Beaulieu Abbey Church PCC heard an explanation by John Hughes of the activities of The Crossings; an initiative aimed at assisting any in our area who are combating homelessness.  The PCC unanimously agreed to devote its Crib Service (Christmas Eve) collection to The Crossings. 

Staff at The Crossings have recently launched a website, whose url is  Due to some privacy issues, I have not been able to provide a clickable link for the moment.  However, if you copy this url and then paste it into your browser, this will (believe me!!)  take you to their website where full information is provided both on what The Crossings is striving to achieve, and what we as individuals can do the support it.

As Christmas approaches, and as this cold and wet weather continues, the plight of the homeless becomes even more serious.  We do actively encourage your support.