Church Notices

The Inaugural bike ride

Today, Saturday November 9, was scheduled as the inaugural bike ride for the newly formed Beaulieu Abbey Church Activity Group (BACAG to its friends).  Unfortunately, the day started fine but rapidly deteriorated, and the Convenor (John Hughes) decided that the event should be postponed. 

True to his commitment to his position, John cycled all the way from Dibden Purlieu to the Abbey Church, simply to ensure that news of the postponement had reached all those who had registered for the ride.  And a good thing he did!  Far from finding no-one there, John was met by his namesake, Father John, dressed for bad weather, and ready to ride!!

However, a very few drops of rain soon deterred these apparent stalwarts, who cycled all the way from the Abbey Church to the Old Bakery at the foot of Beaulieu High Street, a distance of at least 250 metres. Intrepid indeed! A photograph recording this ride for posterity can be viewed by clicking here.

Further activities of BACAG will be announced on this web site. A walking group as well as a cycling group are planned. All are welcome, whatever the weather!