Church Notices

Ride or Stride for our Historic Churches

This Saturday, the 14th September, is Ride and Stride day across the county of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, In our district, this means we work to raise money for  the Hampshire and Islands Historic Churches Trust (HIHCT), which assists local churches, our wonderful ecclesiastic heritage, when they are in need of supporting  finance to care for their fabric.   Beaulieu Abbey Church has been a recipient of the generosity of this Trust.

As part of the day the Hampshire section of the  are encouraging people to visit the many churches in Hampshire that have offered to be open. The idea is that the visits are by bike or horse (!) but many people go by car. Of course,most of the churches will be open on the Sunday too.

If you think that you would like to take part it could be a most enjoyable way of seeing local churches AND contribute to the upkeep of Hampshire churches. It is clearly a bit late to get sponsorship, as the website suggests, but there will be the opportunity to contribute at each church as it is visited and that church will keep 50% of what is raised with the other 50% going to the HIHCT.

This link takes you to the relevant page on the charity’s website, and gives advice as to how to become a participant:

For those who are Riding and Striding on Saturday 14th September 2019, you are free to choose your own route and to visit as many of the churches in your area you choose to visit as you wish, between 10 am and 6 pm.