Church Notices

Sea Sunday 2019 with a representation of HMS Pickle

Fine weather showed Bucklers Hard at its very best for the 2019 Sea Sunday outdoor service. Around sixty members of the Benefice turned up, and enjoyed music from the Beaulieu Band, hymns led by the Beaulieu Abbey Church Choir, and an address by Canon Andrew Wright, the General Secretary of the Mission for Seafarers.  Bucklers Hard wharf was made even more delightful by the recent arrival a full sized reresentation (not replica) of the Royal Navy ship Pickle, which was the ship used to bring back to England news both of the vistory at Trafalgar, and the death of Nelson.

Many of us were really surprised to know that, according to Andrew, Noah actually built a second ark, under strict orders from Higher Authority.  We were told that Noah had detailed instructions to build an ark with many decks, and then to fill it, not with a menagerie of many varieties of animal, but solely with carp!  Noah was really amazed at this and asked the Higher Authority why he was making such a strange request.  The answer  'I have always wanted a multi-storey car(p) park'!

Pictures of the event (some taken by Choir Member Jamie Cunliffe) can be seen here.