Church Notices

A memorable morning in the Benefice

This is not so much a Church Notice, as a personal reaction after attending services in the Benefice this morning, 30 June 2019.

What a wonderful day!

This morning’s 8.00 am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion was truly memorable. 21 people were crammed into the small and intimate Bucklers Hard chapel (as many as I can remember on a ‘normal’ Sunday) including a young boy of around 10, a young man from the United States of America and a retired priest and his wife, recently sailing in via the Beaulieu River! An inspirational sermon was delivered by our Rector, connecting the ancient art of ploughing behind a team of oxen (First Book of Kings Chapter 19, vv 15 to 21) with Luke’s reporting of Jesus rebuking a would be disciple who wanted first to farewell his family (Luke Chapter 9) with the importance in modern Christian witness, to concentrate on the important aspects of faith and look forwards not backwards. A buzz of appreciation and renewal from all attending. Wonderful!

And if that was not enough, the Benefice Service in St Katharine’s Exbury must have attracted close to 90 souls, enjoying Choral Matins led by the choir from Beaulieu Abbey Church. Amongst the congregation was a gentleman of 96 or 97 years, who could remember escorting King George VI in 1944, in this Church, after His Majesty had reviewed the fleet nearby. He was escorted by family from New Zealand, coming from a small town in the Lower North Island which was very well know to your scribe, who lived only twenty miles away from that place for many years.

What a truly wonderful morning’s worship.

”Thanks be to God”