Church Notices

Fun and Finance at Beaulieu Abbey Church

It would be great if we could carry out our worship and pastoral activities with no thought of money.  Money really is often "the root of all evil"!!

However, Church Officers have a responsibility to balance their books, and readers of this page may be surprised to know that the Beaulieu Abbey Church needs a budget in excess of £115,000 to carry out its activities.  Monies must be raised and spent wisely, including not only our outward giving, but also to support Diocesan activities, pay stipends for priests and their housing, care for our historic buildings and pay for administrative staff and other support activities.

However, all fund raising events need not be serious!  In July, the Abbey Church embarks on two activities that will both raise money, AND allow us to have some fun.  On July 13, a Musical Gala will be held in the Abbey Church, where highly talented local performers will entertain.  And on July 20, the Beaulieu Village Fete takes place, with fun for all and 50% of the nett proceeds to the Abbey Church.

Please plan to join us at both these fun activities (and help us raise money to allow the Abbey Church to continue its mission).  Further details will be posted on this site and appear in the Monthly Magazine.

Many thanks

Peter Melhuish (Warden and Vice Chairman of the Beaulieu Village Fete Committee)