Church Notices

More from The Crossings, an iniative to help the homeless

It is hard to believe we have been open 2 months and we are therefore halfway through our pilot! As most of you will know we have had one guest who visits us fairly frequently whom we have been able to offer support. What you may not know is that there has also been 2-3 phone or other inquires from people wanting support/advice about homelessness issues. We don't know, but we assume these folk have contacted us after hearing about us through the churches or The Herald and feel we are a 'safe place' to ask their questions rather than approach the statutory services.

Going forward with the project.

While we have started well the Trustees do not yet feel we have had sufficient visitors to be able to approach outside funders for support at this time. We have sufficient funds to meet our costs until the end of the pilot 4 months, but do not feel 4 months is sufficient time to fully assess the need locally. So the plan is to put our needs before the local churches through the Waterside Churches Together group, as the original project started through that group, to ask if they would fund us for a further 2-4 months.

Other premises

We are continuing to explore any possible buildings in Hythe that come up and 'pushing a few doors' as the saying goes. If something did turn up that would become a much greater commitment both financially and in time commitment as it would probably require at least a year commitment. So no definite news at present.