Church Notices

More Volunteers to help in the Abbey Church, please!!!

We are going to need volunteers to assist in a number of jobs in the Abbey Church from April this year.  One such task involves operating the Sound Desk, and the following copy will appear in the Weekly Newsletter this week.  Please do contact Tony Norris, if you feel that you could help.

Many thanks;  Peter

Operating the Sound Desk
For each service where sound amplification is used (which is almost every service in the Abbey Church), we need some one to be responsible for setting up, operating and tidying up the equipment. This is not an onerous job, but it is important. Could I please ask for volunteers for this task? Tony Norris will provide training. which we hope to arrange in early March. As well as training, we will ask that each 'trainee' sits alongside an experienced operator (either Tony or Sally) for at least one service. Ideally, we are asking for at least six people willing to share this task. Please contact Tony as soon as practicable to indicate your interest. Many thanks.
Peter Melhuish Church Warden.