Church Notices

An exciting view of the Abbey Church

In mid October, the Beaulieu Abbey Church was delighted to welcome the developers of the ‘Dine and Divine’ web site.  The Home Page of that site contains the following description of what it is....    “An Occasional Diary.     Two school friends now in retirement visit historic local churches followed by lunch nearby.” 

Beaulieu Abbey Church was almost the thirtieth church visited by this pair.  Their routine is well established.  MW takes photographs, both external of the surroundings, and internally of the main points of the Church and writes up his impressions.  BQ then describes the eating experience at a local hostelry or restaurant.

MW, co-incidentally a long term resident of Beaulieu and a supporter of the Abbey Church, took many photographs of Beaulieu, the Beaulieu Estate and Motor Museum, the location of the Abbey Church and the main aspects of the Abbey Church’s internal ambience.  He has kindly given permission for us to link to his site. You may admire his technical and aesthetic skills by clicking here .