Church Notices

An initiative to increase planned giving

Generous God; Generous People

Despite living in a prosperous area, despite having large reserves, your Finance Committee is seriously concerned about the state of the Abbey Church finances.  Why?  It is an age old story.  As our expenditure increases, our planned giving from members of the congregation and the community is decreasing.  We still receive gifts, usually earmarked for projects to beautify our Church building.  But our budgeted Income and Expenditure account (planned income versus known expenditures) shows a deficit of around £5,000, and the discrepancy between income and expenditure is rising.  And this for an annual budget of just over £100,000!

We do have restricted reserves, which are there to assist in funding large building projects.  The annual interest from these reserves goes a long way to financing year on year maintenance of the building.  But our annual planned income from individuals is decreasing, and this is not, even in the medium term, sustainable.

From Sunday 21 October, we will distribute an explanation of our position, and our request for help.  We have identified four groups of people; those who already contribute via the Parish Giving Scheme, those who contribute on a regular basis via Standing Orders, those who are registered for Gift Aid, and those who are registered in the Electoral Roll of the Parish.  Members of those groups will receive this material, either by hand if they are regular congregation, or via post.

Please read this material carefully.  Please consider regular giving via the Parish Giving Scheme, or by Standing Orders.  If you have any questions, please talk with the members of your Finance Committee, listed below.  Many thanks.

Andrew Percy (Treasurer and Chairman), Mike Dawkins , John Hughes, Peter Melhuish (Church Warden) and Mick Wigfield