Church Notices

Generous God; generous giving

With Mick Wigfield, I recently attended a diocesan course on "Encouraging Generosity and Christian Giving in a Rural Setting".  In many ways it was an inspirational morning, with speakers sharing many examples of ways in which generous gifts followed prayer and generous acts.  The course was timely, as we face a deficit on our current 'annual income and expenditure account'  and your Finance Committee is discussing ways to address this.  We can, all of us, think and pray about giving.  I have some copies of an excellent Anglican publication, "Generous God; Generous People" (which is a five week set of Bible readings) and I am happy to let folk have them on extended loan.  Just ask! 

On a practical note, I have placed extra forms regarding the Parish Giving Scheme at the rear of the Abbey Church.  Do please consider becoming a member of that scheme.  Giving via the scheme has many advantages both for the giver and the receiver!

Peter Melhuish