Church Notices

An act of pilgrimage, modern style

John Hughes in Camino

For many years, pilgrims have travelled the Camino, the pilgrims' way to Santiago del Compostela, a town in Galacia in Northeastern Spain.  There are various routes, some starting from distant European cities, and all converging on Santiago, the city named after Saint James.  In earlier days, pilgrims walked, often taking many months.  Today, many walk the Camino in stages; their pilgrmage dictated by time availability, travelling by car or plane to their various starting points.  And some cycle!  John Hughes is away from Beaulieu Abbey for around three weeks as he cycles many hundreds of kilometres towards the famous city.  He started at Santander on the northern Spanish coast, and he joined the most popular and the oldest walking route which started from the Pyrenees near Bayonne.  God bless all travellers on the Camino!