Church Notices

Planned Giving at the Abbey Church

During the 9.30 service in the Abbey Church this coming Sunday, Peter will give a short talk on the advantages of organising your regular giving to the Abbey church, via the Church of England'd Planned G|iving Scheme.  The main points of the talk are given below:-

A talk on the Finances of the Abbey Church:  Sunday Nov 26, 2017

  1. We are fortunate to worship in an ancient but sound and beautiful Church, within a wealthy and generous community. Look around at the new Altar Frontal, the heating system, the organ and the overall condition of the both Abbey Church and Church Hall
  2. We also have ample reserves, built up by frugal spending over many years
  3. However, we as a congregation have a duty to meet annual running expenses; our annual spend is now over £100,000, or £2,000 every week.
  4. Our “planned giving” is a critically important part of our income (about 55% of it) and the rest of this short talk concerns just that. Could I ask you to consider two actions that may help us. 
  5. Firstly, if you pay UK tax, please ensure that you Gift Aid all your donations to the Abbey Church.
  6. If you have not yet done so, please consider the Parish Giving scheme. Essentially, rather than placing cash in the collection envelope, or making bank payments direct to the Abbey Church, you decide on a monthly (or quarterly or annual) amount that you wish to give, and  give that to the Scheme via a Direct Debit.  Remember, this is very easily altered (up, down or deleted) whenever you wish to do so.  Only if you choose to do so, your gift can also be automatically adjusted each year, based upon inflation.
  7. There are so many claims on our spare cash! But it would help us a great deal if you were to consider how much you can readily afford, and gift that via regular payment through the Parish Giving scheme to the Abbey Church. 
  8. I entirely understand that, for some parishioners, this is less attractive than giving via the traditional collection bag. This will always be an option for you, and we are very grateful to you all who give in this way.  If you do contribute via Planned Giving, we do have some counters which can be placed in the Collection Bag as a gesture (to yourself)
  9. But we move rapidly towards a cashless society, and the Parish Giving scheme is an efficient and very cost effective way for parishioners to contribute to the running expenses of ‘their’ church, after deciding how much they can afford.
  10. There are pamphlets at the back of the Church, and members of the Finance Committee (including Mike Dawkins, John Hughes and Mick Wigfield as well as our Treasurer Andrew Percy and Wardens, Sally Brearley and myself) are always available to help.